Tomorrow’s Presidential Address

Tomorrow we’ll hear from President Obama as he addresses the nation from the Oval Office on the San Bernardino shooting. While I’m not terribly optimistic that what I’m about to say will be the case, this presents the president with a unique opportunity.

For once during this presidency, it would be nice to see him display a little humility. It would be so refreshing to hear him say something along the lines of “My administration has clearly underestimated the reach of ISIS. They clearly are no ‘JV team’ and are most definitely not contained.”

As I’ve said time and time again in my blog, I try my hardest to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I never write people off completely. Mom did an outstanding job of shaping my perspectives when it comes to how I interpret the actions of other people. While this administration has made some pretty obvious blunders, this is at least a chance at a small amount of redemption if he can own up to his inaction and assure the United States that he is stepping up his game.

Perhaps I’m hoping for something that will never happen. If the past is any indication, Obama’s reactions are typically to undermine the ideals of his critics (as I commented on in a previous post). Its unfortunate that he’s been so closed off to the opinions of his detractors – a sign of true leadership is the ability to empathize with those that disagree with you and effectively explain why your thoughts make sense. This is obviously not a theme that’s accompanied this administration, which is certainly disheartening.

My hopes are that whomever ends up leading us next has the ability to see both sides of a dispute and make rational, educated decisions on whatever issues we face moving forward.

America is in desperate need for strong leadership.

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