Monster in a Mansion

As we sit here, looking

Across the plains, the sea

One looks at the other

And the other looks at me

One says “Hey, my goodness gracious”

“That lady needs a room”

Two says “Yes, she surely needs one”

“This weathers looking gloom”

And as we sit observing

The clouds, they start to rain

This lady pulls her pockets

Not a penny to her name

I frown, and sadly watch her

So helpless she must be

To try and find a shelter

That takes her in for free

Then my dreary gaze shifts

To the hill beyond the tree

As the Monster in the Mansion

Stands on his balcony

He looks down, hears her pleading

“I’ll give you all I’ve got”

“Please save me from this weather

I ask not for a lot”

Laughing, cruelly scoffing

The Monster tilts his head

“Why give my hard-earned money?

“Go get a job, instead”

Ironically, my thoughts think

As this lady begs and crawls

This Monster made his fortune

Scaring “peasants”, so he calls

I sigh then cry, observing

This Monster, naught a care

And see how sad; disheartening

That life is so unfair

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