Rap Game

Disclaimer: I actually listen to a lot of rap. It’s lyrical poetry, after all. This is just some fun I had to switch it up.

Sometimes I write these lines and, think my poems are all the same

Why don’t we take a minute, dip a toe into the rap game?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t rap, but I’ll pen some bars though

Pause all of the deep stuff, swim in waters shallow

All these rappers, most of them, all they talk is trash, see

“I’m the greatest look at me, flow so sick it’s nasty”

Then I read their lyrics, it’s just ego, insecurity


Hold this cup

Now let me take a sec and change the beat right up

If I had the need to write about the things they write about

All I’d do is take a sec and talk about the shit I doubt

Hold on Matt, whatchu mean? Come on now it’s crystal clear

Their game is so far under mine, just a few that come near

Who you ask?

Well, in that biz

Ill count ‘em on one hand cause man that’s all there is

Em, Pac, much love to Kendall, too

NF is dope for being real his shits so fresh and new

But enough of that let’s switch it up so I can try my hand

Stroke ego like Chainz or West, pretend I live in Rapland

Read my lines they all got purpose, be damn sure they got a point

Come on over A.T.L., now listen as my words anoint

Y’all think your money compares to my topics? Please.

Don’t see it making folks rethink philosophies

Tearing open all these minds, just this pen and just my tongue

Writing so complex that my mechanics must be quantum

The only bitches that I play are these words I sculpt, see

Own this English language, man I’ve made that shit my property


You know what?

Maybe I should charge rap rent for writing shit that sucks

Anyway I’m done for now cause this was just a joke, ya’ll

Thought I’d shelf the feelings for a second and just act tall

It’s been real.

But goddamn that quantum mechanic line was nasty! 😉

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