Written in Stars

Close my eyes, give my thoughts the reigns

As the darkness outside, it brings the rains

The bittersweet memory, it engrains

Every value, love, regret; it pains


Open my eyes, and I start to write

Blow the candle out and dim the light

Pick a concept and my pen takes flight

Thoughts hold the reigns and they’re pulling them tight


I’ve written two books now I’m on book three

But tonight I’ll discontinue Continuity

Cause my thoughts have steered toward this poetry

I’m just a passenger writing on this carriage, see


I don’t know when I sit down each late evening

What will pour out or what my thoughts will bring

The compass just spins as it weaves this ring

That I use to propose to this writing thing


Every second of my life there’s one thing on my mind

What’s the word that’s coming next on my journal’s line?

Searching for the others who spend all their time

Like me, all their thoughts consumed by prose and by rhyme


Yeah so many out there say they work so hard

But there’s just a few who know they really hold that card

They put on their mask and they put up their guard

But when the time comes they just seek fame and reward


They say they’re virtuous, yeah well I say, please

They need to study up on Kant or Socrates

An unexamined life isn’t worth living, these

People preach morality but live to appeal and appease


But that’s how we’ve created this world of ours

We can’t stand the pain yet we keep creating these scars

And then just forget it at the concerts and bars

Yeah that how we live, as if its written in stars

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