Written in Ink

Sometimes I sit at work, man, and think I’m feeling homesick

I love my job, I mean that, but sometimes I watch the handle tick

Feelin bottled by the time clock, I’m hustlin’ like a lunatic

Get the pen and pad please, these words are comin’ way too quick


Ripping thoughts out of my brain, this pain I need a sedative

My mind is Einstein’s in-law yeah, my theories they’re all relative

Put feelings on the page, writing free cause I don’t sell I give

People ask me why, well, that’s just me it’s how I live


This is my zone you’re treading in

Feel it, my adrenaline

My stories, some are elegant

But rhymes are so more relevant


Live by day the way she taught, acting like a gentleman

Then at night the lights come off, a total different specimen

Penning poison, teeth sink in, bite down let the venom in

Catching up with future me, yeah I get to peddling


Let these winds of change blow in, put these dying embers out

What’s comin ain’t been seen before, this culture needs a turnabout

Thirty years I plan ahead, I’ve seen the future, sent a scout

He came back and he said to me, you need to do this or I’m out


He told me things in his report

You won’t believe, I’ll keep it short

But there’s some shit we need to thwart

To build something we all support


I get back to the place I am, my hands they’re movin’ furious

Yeah that’s right I strategize, I’m never feelin’ curious

I bet they wish they had me then, back in Mount Vesuvius

I’m always playing moves ahead, I don’t fuck with the dubious


Sure today I’ll play the game, smile say its nice to meet

Tip my cap and shake your hand, pretend and make my intro, greet

But know my only one concern, the only thing I ever think

Is doing what I plan to do, no going back, I write in ink

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