The Answer: 4

I have made a breakthrough.

Today I was able to rig one of the machines these humans used to work. It seems as if they had the foresight to record the lives and events of certain individuals. As to why, it is difficult to determine.

It is a curious concept to me, I will say. I can only presume that they preserved such events so the recollection of their civilization perseveres. I have come upon many of these mechanisms during my research which, when successfully stimulated, projects the images and sounds that this society experienced during their time.

Just yesterday it showed me a most puzzling example of said recollections. The vast majority of my findings have shown me these ancient cultures simply interacting with one another in mostly mundane circumstances. Yesterday, however, I obtained something which portrayed a profound individual who I can only imagine lived amongst these primitive societies as they evolved. He wore a kind of red shall on his back, along with an unusual form fitting suit of sorts, resembling the color of the planets oceans. There was also a geometric pentagon on the bust of the individual’s suit, which contained a single scribe belonging to the archaic language these people utilized for communication.

I can not yet determine what this means in regard to my tasks. What kind of civilization was this? We’re there ones chosen on occasion to perform impossible feats? Had they harnessed the full potential of universal physics, creating what I can only call a sort of supreme being capable of what the masses were not?

My research must dive deeper into this anomalous finding. I am relentlessly compelled to discover who these particularly capable beings were. Perhaps these privileged few carried knowledge beyond our understanding.

There is much work to be done.

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