A Letter to Our Leaders

To every politician, right or left, I beg that you read these words and carefully consider them.

I am writing this because it is necessary, because we simply cannot do this any more. So please understand that all of what I’m about to say is the god-honest, unabridged truth, and is felt by millions of people whom you are supposed to represent.

All of you are ripping this nation apart.

Every single day, people wake up to headline after headline of how monstrous the president is, or how hypocritical the left is. Our media outlets publish nothing whatsoever other than the continued divisive rhetoric of either side. Fox tells America to love Trump and the mission he’s on, and CNN tells America to hate Trump and everything he stands for. That’s the basic gist of every single piece of news we’re constantly fed, day after day after day.

And you know what? Both sides of the aisle are destroying us. Every single one of you do nothing but pander to your base, and throw rocks at your opposition. Trump does it, AOC does it, Pelosi does it, and literally every other person up there in those comfy seats does it. I choose these names because I know they’re the most recognizable ones to us normal, working class Americans – but it applies to all of you. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and it all boils down to one, very simple fact.

You are all, every single one of you, being ruled, inhibited, and otherwise governed by your absolutely, enormously inflated egos. There isn’t one single human being that has entered your arena who is not completely subconsciously controlled by their own vanity, ego, and desire for power. In fact, that’s exactly why you have all gravitated toward your positions in politics to begin with – you, at your most basic, fundamental core, want control. You know it, I know it, and every single person reading this knows it. There is no escaping that fact, because after all, here you are, sitting in Congress, fulfilling that carnal desire of yours. So let’s make that clear before we go any further.

Back to the point. Yes, you are destroying our country. All of you. You’re destroying it with your endless inability to make peace with those who oppose you. It’s absolutely infuriating, to be completely frank. Rather than trying to find a common, middle ground, you have all dug in and instead lob hateful, malicious rhetoric at anyone who threatens your point of view. It’s disgusting behavior, and you should all be ashamed. Your jobs, which by the way were created to serve us, have instead become luxurious positions of power and corruption. And the worst part of it all is that you now use your duly elected power to manipulate and deceive the very people who were kind enough to grant it to you.

I don’t care if this makes you angry. I honestly don’t. Because everyone who reads this knows exactly what I’m trying to say, and hard truth is always what digs at us the deepest. We’re fed up with you. You’ve completely twisted the values that this nation was founded upon, and it’s time to put this to a stop. I can’t do anything myself, because I’m nobody in the grand scheme of things. But you know what? The people can. Now, more than ever, we have the power to communicate en masse, and your authority is treading a very thin line right now whether you want to believe it or not.

I’m tired of watching friendships get ripped apart. I’m tired of hearing about marriages crumbling, and I’m tired of seeing family members be ostracized all in the name of politics. You were supposed to set an example for what a cooperative, legitimately considerate institution should look like. But you’ve completely squandered that opportunity. You’ve become everything that is wrong in this world, and there are literal hundreds of millions of people suffering because of it.

This is a reckoning, if I may say so. It’s an outcry on behalf of every single person in this country who I know wants nothing else but to see a world where people love each other and get along. So please, I beg that you stop all of this hatred and disagreement and start working together like you were supposed to. We cant do this anymore. Something has to change.

And it has to start with you.

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