Local town hall, forum, debate

The things they say will quell the hate

The Senate’s fought since Rome, you know

And what do we now have to show?

They talk of change, they talk of new

They say the things we all want to

Yet when the hammer meets anvil

They stand, complacent, they all stand still

The words I write tonight are written from the heart, you see

The words I write tonight are sincere and meant for you and me

For far too long have humans let the few make rules for all of us

For far too long have humans let the privileged rule, it’s true and thus

We’ve created for ourselves a system that we need no more

Unknown rooms are never found until you unlock their locked door

Destiny is ours to take, it’s waiting right in front of us

Begging that we free it from the ones who call it treasonous

Times are changing, times of old

A time when we’re not ruled by gold

Our tree of life has roots, you know, roots that claim the underground

We shall rise from ash and dirt and realize that it’s us who’s crowned

Powers ours to seize tonight, if only we would take the chance

And so help me, I’ll lead the charge, for words will shatter any lance

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