People Are Dynamic

So I’m titling this post as such for a very particular reason. Because I want to use this entry to articulate how to identify what your priority is, as it pertains to online gaming.

You see, people play games for a plethora of reasons. Some play to satiate their egos, wanting to win at all costs. These folks desire not much else outside of establishing their dominance in a certain field, be it an FPS, a RTS such as Starcraft, an MMO like WOW, etc.

And you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Sometimes, people NEED to feel that sense of validation, or sense of superiority. That is a literal component of the human condition. So we shouldn’t admonish them for that. As a matter of fact, we should respect it.

Then, you have the passive players. The people who simply want to sign in, have some fun, and sign off. No concern for the longevity of their statistical success. They simply wish to enter a world that offers a release from the stresses of our everyday, often frustrating lives. The casual gamer. The person who chooses The Sims over Call of Duty. And you know what else? They deserve the same amount of respect as the point man on your Warzone squad. Because they are using this realm as a means to temporarily live an alternate reality. And if you take one quick look at the headlines of today…can you blame them?

So yes. This is a short, quick take on the current state of gaming. There is no right or wrong, and the community should support itself as best it can. Because to be perfectly frank…the real world is trash at the moment.

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