Are you kind? Give me a sign. Come and walk inside my mind

I’ll let you think the things I think, just know that all these thoughts are mine

See the soothing sights that sit surrounding us? They’re cool, I guess

Look right and you’ll see a smile spooking you, but don’t look left

Left will take you everywhere that you may go and then digress

Because this maze is such a craze that it will claim your brain and chest

What’s inside your chest you ask? That’s where your heart dwells within

Beating and keeps beating holding all your wants and all your sin

That’s okay I say today, there’s nothing to regret you know

You are me and I am you and we both share the same shadow

Son’s regret, we know it, yet

There is time to make amends

And sometimes you can find yourself

Among the proper people: friends

That’s all for now, I say somehow

The truth lies in the words you read

And I will write them, Mom of mine

I will write them till I’m dead

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