We Are

Nobody wants to admit truth

They dodge this old Confession Booth

They say just what we want to hear

Instead of what is true, and dear

The fake facades they cast about

Are nothing more than fear, and doubt

“I wonder if they will judge me”

“What will they say? I disagree”

I do not know why we do this

I do not get why we must miss

Miss the chances to speak true

For we’re the same, both me and you

Don’t you know that I was you?

That you were me?

And we were two?

Don’t you know that all the things

We hate and fight, that all it brings

Are twisted, tattered, torn, and rot

We say we know, but we forgot

Forgot the you, forgot the me

That we are such the same, we’re “we”

Remember this when you are torn

It’s truth from the first day we’re born

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