An Honest Plea

I want to do an exercise. An exercise on open-mindedness, and whether or not our species is capable of un-conditioning their minds from the dogmatic stranglehold that “society” has upon them. So here goes.

Picture yourself sitting in a chair in your living room. You’re there all by yourself, with nothing whatsoever to do. No bills to pay, no appointments coming up; nothing. You’re just there. Now, envision yourself floating out of that body into the air in front of you. By “yourself”, I am referring to your consciousness -your ability to perceive the surrounding universe at your point in space and time. Imagine that version of you looking down at your actual self. Your body. That’s all it is now. Motionless, because “you” have now exited that body, and are currently occupying a place in reality where you are nothing but your mind’s perception of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

Then imagine yourself floating outside, straight through your roof as if it wasn’t even there to stop you. You just morphed right through it like no big deal. Now that you’re outside, likely in your front yard just observing things from above, picture every other human being on this planet doing the exact same thing. We have all left our bodies, and are floating outside in the neighborhood. Look around. See all of these strange orbs of consciousness eerily hovering with nothing to do but survive. To exist without a purpose.

Next, imagine one of those orbs getting brighter. Slowly, gradually brighter until its luminescence is lighting up the entire street. Then, right as the increase in brightness comes to a halt, it releases a noise. A noise that, to you, sounds like this:

“Hello everyone. I know none of us have plans for anything, because there’s nothing on this planet that exists yet, but I have an idea. I think we should make some rules for how to exist the proper way. I’d like it to be fair, so we need to figure out a way to consider everyone’s input without leaving anyone out.”

Then, in response, one of the orbs makes its own sound. And you hear this.

“How though? The world has billions of us all scattered around. We could never take everyone’s input into account…it would take forever!”

The first orb’s light pulsates, and says this.

“You’re right. How about this? Let’s split up into smaller groups so it isn’t so overwhelming. Then, what we could do is have everyone in those smaller groups voice their opinions as to how these rules should be made. Then, after everyone has heard what everyone else stands for, they can take a vote on who had the best idea. And after that, we’ll all agree to follow that person’s rules. In fact, that person can represent all of us. Because when all of these smaller places get together as one, they’re gonna have to agree on a certain amount of things in order for us all to get along. So when these ‘elected’ people go off to vote on what rules we should have, they can speak for all of us. Because there’s no possible way we could all have our own individual input considered. Heck, we wouldn’t even be able to fit in the same building to try, because there’s way too many of us. So obviously we need to let one person represent us.”

Imagine that scenario you just heard. Think of it as the way things work for thousands, and thousands of years. All the way back to our first ancestors. Because after all, it was one of them who somehow came up with this idea in the first place.


Picture that same world of floating orbs, only this time whenever one of them makes a noise, the entire network of orbs across the globe can hear it. Not just the neighboring ones. Every single orb on Earth can hear every other single orb on Earth when it makes a noise.

Then imagine one saying this.

“Hey! Guys! Wow, I can’t believe you can hear me over there in Australia. That is so cool. Say…wait a minute. Do you remember awhile back when we were talking about having one of us from every neighborhood represent us? Remember? Because you guys couldn’t hear me back then? Well, now you can, right? So why don’t we take a step back for a second and revisit this whole rule-making thing. I mean now that everyone hears everyone, why don’t we all vote together somehow? We don’t need just one person anymore. We all have a voice now.”

After all of this, imagine these orbs creating a system that does precisely what they just discussed. And then imagine a world without a government at all. A world where they get to decide how to live their own lives, so long as it doesn’t violate the rules everyone else has agreed upon.

End of exercise.

Our world is what we make it, everyone. I know that I am a very, very small fish just bubbling out ideas. And I have to be honest, so please do not be offended because I know plenty of you feel this way too…I feel like I am one screaming blade of grass trying to turn itself blue amidst an entire meadow that has been taught that green is the only color to ever exist.  

Its discouraging. It really, really is. But I still hold onto the thinnest shred of hope that one day, somehow, I will actually be taken seriously. I am reaching a point of exhaustion.

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