No Matter

“I is best guard dog around you, okay?”

Alright, I’ll listen to that

“I protect people from bad things today”

Sure thing. But you aren’t a cat.

“I know. But she’s not got paws just like me”

Yes she does. Just look, they’re right there

“Sure. But they are not mine, don’t you see?”

“I bet these could rip up a bear!”

Alright Pip, get up now

“We going outside?”

Yes we are, so put on your coat

Let’s find you a bear and see if you can scare

The bear into the woods like you hope

“Uh, wait, just hold on”

Is there something wrong?

“I think I just broke a paw-nail”

You’ve got others though, right?

To put up a fight

Protect us from what’s on the trail?

“Yeah, about that” said the cat

As it waltzed to the sink

“I’m not so sure she could bemuse”

“A bear that’s out there might make anyone scare”

“And broke paw-nails are hard to use”

Then with a smile, the cat would beguile

It jumped to the table, and winked

“But if you take me, I’ll protect her for free”

“The pup will be fine, ‘least I think’”

“See? I will guard”

“It won’t be that hard”

“I’ll growl at them and I will blink”

“‘Cause if I don’t scare”

“At least the dumb bear”

“Will see that I’m cute, don’t you think?”

Hmm, now I say

I guess creatures all pray

Maybe yes, they might think that you’re cute

But do not forget

That these creatures, they let

A thing like you can become mute

So if you’ve a voice

There’s not really a choice

Speak up, regardless of paws

If these cats can scare

Everyone. Everywhere.

Can speak, no matter their cause

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