Our Guests: Season 1

On behalf of all of us here at How the World Should Work, we extend our deepest gratitude to our Podcast’s special guests for their participation and support!

Matt Shao – Executive Director


Greg Billinger (Ep.1)

Greg played football at Vanderbilt University before moving on to a career in the transportation industry. A dreamer himself, he is currently working on a startup that could revolutionize how college recruiting operates within the NCAA.



Ally Connor (Ep. 2)

Originally from Indianapolis, Ally is one of Nashville’s many recent millennial implants and a graduate of DePauw University. She is the loving mother of two cats, Vader and Milo, and is an active member of Nashville’s Crosspoint Church.



Virginia Corbitt (Ep. 3)

Virginia is a good example of the voice of reason that the world so desperately needs.  As a teacher during the ’60s and ’70s, she has gained a strong degree of wisdom and perspective throughout the years. Her uncanny ability of tersely peering over her glasses to strike fear into the heart of those who misbehave is well known among those fortunate enough to cross her path.


Chad Grindstaff (Ep. 4, 5, 7, & 9)


Michael Burkitt (Ep. 1 & 4)

Younger brother of How the World Should Work’s very own Will Burkitt, Michael is an individual who is just as driven to help those around him as his older brother, Matt, and Johnny. Having graduated from high school as a member of Pope John Paul II’s class of 2017, he is excited to start his freshman year of college at Austin Peay in Clarksville, TN. He plans on majoring in psychology so that he can continue to help those around him throughout his life.


Ryan Fennel (Ep. 5)


Mike Hart (Ep. 9)



Nick O’Rick (Ep. 9)

To quote Mr. O’Rick, a former football player turned teacher, coach, and cancer survivor:

Three words can summarize my entirety – Family. Football. Cancer.

My world revolves around my family. My wife Kayla, son Aidan (6), and daughter Hadley (5) are the true joy in life. They are my motivation for most of what I do. Without them I am truly lost.

My passion is football. I played offensive line for more of my life than I haven’t.  I played football for the University of Tennessee at Martin from 05-09 and loved most of it.  Knee surgeries ended my playing career but I now have a career as a coach. I am the Defensive Coordinator at Walter J. Baird middle school and have aspirations of being a Head Coach one day. I am also an avid Dallas Cowboys (1A) and Tennessee TItans(1B) fan.

Cancer has molded my mindset from an early age; from relatives having it in my childhood to being diagnosed myself at the age of 25. Needless to say 2013 was not fun. I endeavored to persevere and fought to stay here in this realm for my family. (See, family is full circle). I am in remission now and love every day. Most days are great some, suck but everyday is a gift.

I have many interest besides these (comics, video games, literature, etc) but these are my core attributes and motivations.”