How the World Should Work

Come together.


This page will be home for any updates, announcements, and schedules for the new podcast, which is available on the Apple podcast app. Search “how the world should work” and subscribe!

Current topics we will be discussing in our various episodes (schedule forthcoming):

  1. Purpose & the Meaning of Life
  2. Traditional Dating vs. Modern Dating
  3. Social Cohesion/Unity
  4. Technology & its Impact on Society
  5. Conspiracy/Social Control
  6. Institutions: Namely the Growing Need for Educational Reform
  7. Animals, Pets, & their Vital Roles in Life
  8. The Evolution of Human Culture

Finally, the fitting finale to Season 1:

9. Religion

**Note: a tenth topic will likely be added to put us at a rounded 10

As far as the structure of each episode, we’re aiming for an hour, which will be broken down the following way:

  • General intro to podcast & hosts: 2 minutes
  • *If applicable* intro to guest(s): 1-2 minutes
  • Description of current episode’s topic: 2 minutes
  • Famous/meaningful quote pertaining to topic: 1 minute
  • Explanation of how topic applies to Continuity series’ underlying themes: 1-2 minutes
  • Dialogue (meat and generous portion of potatoes): 40-45 minutes
  • Poem relevant to topic (I’m writing one for each to sort of summarize the sentiment we’re going for) 1-2 minutes
  • What to expect next episode: 2 minutes

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