Hello friends! Matt here.

So what is How the World Should Work, exactly?

Turns out, I ask myself the same thing almost every day – its been a constantly evolving concept since day 1. The simple answer is this: we are an organization of everyday folk who collectively desire a better world in the most general of senses. Its an idea. A group. A movement, if you will.

However, there’s so much more to it. Our ever-present goal is to not only exist as an organization which promotes awareness of society’s innumerable missteps, but to actually do something about them. To that end, we are always going back to the drawing board to think of ways we can achieve this. As we grow in number and interest, we consider what possibilities we have with the accompanying increase in resources and manpower. Perhaps the best way of illustrating this is to give you a basic outline of milestones:

  • August, 2015: Elizabeth Shao, my mother and greatest influence, passed – leading me to pursue my lifelong dream of writing.
  • April 2016: my first novel, Continuity, was published and dedicated to her.
  • May 2016: after my publisher suggested it, this website (which then was a free WordPress account), was created as a simple blog/journal to host free examples of my writing and to log my personal thoughts.
  • November 2016: I decided to expand my efforts and purchase this domain name, with a long-term intention of legitimizing the concept of How the World Should Work. I didn’t know how; I assumed the goal and those who supported me would help me figure it out.
  • March 2017: My good friend, Will Burkitt, suggested that I start a podcast with the help of himself and another friend Johnny Wiggins; to both gain exposure as a writer and to address the many passions we share about the world and its issues.
  • May 2017: our very first episode (Purpose & Meaning of Life) was published on iTunes!

I’ll end the outline there and finish with a quick narrative of what happened after that first upload.

The podcast sparked a significant chain-reaction. The process of planning, recording, and editing required an enormous amount of time, which gave us ample opportunity to discuss other things we could do to make little operation grow and move forward. Ultimately, we decided to start an official nonprofit with the very basic goal of making our world a better place through whatever means possible.

So here we are! In addition to the podcast, which is the primary outlet (along with our social media presence) of broadcasting our message and obtaining a following, we are in the planning stages of partnering with other nonprofits/groups which fit the “brand”. Think groups such as Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, and the like. With these partnerships, we intend to help coordinate events and provide volunteers from our own membership base, improving the lives of us all! Soon, we are also going to start a line of apparel to promote the idea of how the world should actually work. For example, a tee shirt with our logo and graphic showing clean energy. You get the point.

Hopefully that gives you a good idea of what we’re all about. So I’ll close with this: from the most sincere of places within me, thank you for spending the time to visit this page. I hope you enjoy our content, but more importantly I hope you share our passion & purpose of improving this beautiful life we’ve all been granted.

Please join our ranks if you would like to receive updates of our progress, get involved/possibly volunteer, or would simply like to support the cause. The link to enroll as a member is **placeholder for link**

Again, thank you for your time and interest!


Matt Shao, founder

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