Letter to My Lost: 1

My love. My all. Such memories do we share. Memories such as the times we’d awaken to the sun’s shimmering rays darting through the window, on those soft linen sheets as you’d rollover, greeting me with the morning’s first kiss. Memories of your fingers gently gliding, cusping the back of my neck, holding me as … More Letter to My Lost: 1

Hide & Seek

Sweaty brow, aching back, home packed lunch and the sleepless nights That’s how things were done when people worked, reaching up for higher heights Dirt and grit, skin and bone, not a moment thrown into the waste Men would own up to the challenge, no obstacle they wouldn’t face Things got done, cities built, on … More Hide & Seek

The Perfect Evening

It’s a fabulous night for a moon dance That’s what the stars shall say Twirl to my arms, they’re before you Awaiting to sweep you away Spinning in circles, directions unknown Its just you and just me on this floor Forget all the things on your conscience As tonight we both dance on the shore … More The Perfect Evening

The Apex

Tell me what things I’ll see when I pull back the layers What’s up in the attic while they play house down the stairs? What person are you, when there’s no one around? What things do you think when no one else can be found? Your face, it is beauty, untainted and quaint Yet what … More The Apex