Today a message came to me From one who reads my poetry The sender asked just how I write And how my ideas come to light He wanted help for what Block had caused Asked “How come your content’s never paused?” Tonight, my friend, I’ll heed your call And tell you how I break that … More Concept


So many things there are to do A world of options for me and you Our differences, endless; you and me A truth for all humanity Our actions; things we choose to do They are the answer when we’re asked: who? Who is the person that lies inside Behind those ever piercing eyes It complicated, … More Grow


How fun it is, to take a word Transform it into things unheard The past, a coffin, the future; door Their meanings changed, through metaphor Our language flexes, its members bend Its versatility, no end And as I sit here, pen in hand Exploring language; all its land I say to all, this eve I … More Metaphor

Rap Game

Disclaimer: I actually listen to a lot of rap. It’s lyrical poetry, after all. This is just some fun I had to switch it up. Sometimes I write these lines and, think my poems are all the same Why don’t we take a minute, dip a toe into the rap game? Don’t get me wrong, … More Rap Game


Hello my friend, please dim the light A tale I have for you tonight About a man, who long ago Was hanging up the mistletoe For ‘twas December, and time for he To decorate the Christmas tree This man; a husband, a father, too His family should come first, it’s true And yet ‘twas something, … More Priorities

This Wishing Well

I stand here as I flip this coin So many things I must purloin This theft of thought is hard, you see To mine the deepest cavity   It requires darkness, black The sound of silence, naught a crack The ones who came before me know Shakespeare, Whitman, Frost, and Poe   Together we all … More This Wishing Well

The Tour

Psst, hey you! Come here, my friend To you, my hand, I shall extend Don’t be shy, come quietly This is for you, just follow me   A tour this is, with me, your guide So let us gently step inside Now take a seat, get strapped right in Prepare the mind to twirl and … More The Tour

Make it Count

Every single second Each and every single day Is a blessing given to us For us to use and play   Life is but a moment A brief wrinkle in time A canvas to be colored In or outside of the line   You see, its not a rigid path Through which all are meant … More Make it Count