My New World

The other day I went out and bought this big ass terrarium. At first I wanted something else, like a ferret, or salt aquarium. But I ended up changing my mind. Something about that enormous, transparent habitat just appealed to me. Not sure why. Anyway, I took it home, set it down, walked away and … More My New World

Afraid to Feel

Vulnerability. It seems like something most despise So let me be frank; I’ll tell no lies Truth is, I’m quite conflicted About something often on my mind I suppose I’ll just be candid Bluntly share this struggle of mine Relationships. Yes that’s right. Which may come as a surprise After all, I love to socialize, … More Afraid to Feel

Fueled by Doubt

The greatest writers, artists, and bards, we’re threads all cut from a cloth One and the same, we’ve all been through pain, to our craft we commit and betroth Just like our fathers who preceded and left, we all have a start; Chapter One Unknown and belittled, our bodies are none, but destined to be … More Fueled by Doubt


Every thought I think of, every theory I throw down is tight Never needing nothing now, no noose around my neck at night Put out paper pad and pen, place em and pull down the light   That’s when it starts That’s when it begins I think about my life in parts and think about … More Alliterate

Written in Ink

Sometimes I sit at work, man, and think I’m feeling homesick I love my job, I mean that, but sometimes I watch the handle tick Feelin bottled by the time clock, I’m hustlin’ like a lunatic Get the pen and pad please, these words are comin’ way too quick   Ripping thoughts out of my … More Written in Ink


I’ve had some people ask me what exactly is my book about So let me tell you, let me try to summarize, quell the doubt Its about the things we do and how we treat each other; simple see I knew when I first started writing my first novel, Continuity I wanted to portray a … More Continuity

Angels & Demons

Everywhere I go I always have to make a choice Right or left, up or down, good or bad, I hear a voice Its hard to navigate through all the thoughts and all the faded noise I try to make the right decisions, try to live right and rejoice   But you know the devils … More Angels & Demons

Written in Stars

Close my eyes, give my thoughts the reigns As the darkness outside, it brings the rains The bittersweet memory, it engrains Every value, love, regret; it pains   Open my eyes, and I start to write Blow the candle out and dim the light Pick a concept and my pen takes flight Thoughts hold the … More Written in Stars