Three Wise Men

Three men sat down, they all wore crowns Around a fire, they all met Each had one goal in their mind But each would argue how to get Get the goal they all dreamed of A world of laughter, fun, and love  Each had pure intentions, see It was their methods; disagreed It was when … More Three Wise Men


A lighthouse stands to guide these lands It overlooks the gulf, the sea Built to be a beacon, yes Yet casts no light for you nor me Dynasties: they are not made They’re earned through blood, through patience, grit And though our lighthouse claims to guide It stands complacent; never lit Life is not a … More Create

Unwarrant War

If you wish to join this fight Then dig inside your mind tonight Look for every piece of glass That can sand into better class Search for every rock and stone And do not leave your kind alone Stay with them through thick and thin Through every miracle and sin The shades of grey, the … More Unwarrant War


I drove in thought, as tend I do On whim, I paused as I passed through Pulled aside and spent the day Atop the bluffs, where my dog played And though he is not with me now I felt him there, some way, somehow The moss, a feel of fur it had The breeze, sound … More Cherish


A one way mirror, it must be For them, it’s clearer seen than me I look to my left I look to my right I know not where to walk tonight Should I take this path? Should I go there? Feign the footsteps of who dare? Nothings known on a false throne Uncertainty is all … More Reflections

Hello, Pip!

Hello pretty Pip! I think its time I wrote a pweem So although my friends all know ‘twas coming This won’t be as it seems Never mind, okay I lied That’s exactly what this is It’s just a pweem, with glamour, gleam Were she a drink, she’s fizz   Welcome to the world, my girl … More Hello, Pip!


I’m moving soon Skipping town To go a way where dues are paid To build a life One not of strife But one where someone, well, they’ll be laid To Florida It’s where I gah I have not much of money, yet But I’ll tell you Oh yes, it’s true I’m sitting on a novel, … More TBPH


Committed, so deep in it I will die before I quit it Its both Dark and light my mind’s mitosis, but you all already know this All these Ideas pouring out, overwhelming my head’s funnel My Hands are moving so damn much I’m thirty-five with carpal tunnel And I Experiment with rhythms I play around … More Committed

An Honest Plea

I want to do an exercise. An exercise on open-mindedness, and whether or not our species is capable of un-conditioning their minds from the dogmatic stranglehold that “society” has upon them. So here goes. Picture yourself sitting in a chair in your living room. You’re there all by yourself, with nothing whatsoever to do. No … More An Honest Plea

One Shot

What can a person do when raised by words on different page? I’ve said it once before and once again it I will say My father was the devil, but my mother was a saint They made half a demon, half an angel, when they mixed my DNA Knowing this is how I keep the … More One Shot

The World I wish

The world I wish for is not real It has no commercial appeal Built upon a land that feels Not what spins on those black reels All measured by one simple way What’s deep inside, and not portrayed Opinions mean no more to me Than living life emotion-free Knowing someone costs a lot Its time … More The World I wish

The Little Things

Sitting there atop the couch, gazing out for half the day Waiting for the sight of me, the sound of gravel Pulling into my driveway All the barking, loud commotion I hear him as I’m getting out Open doors bring so much motion, as he runs and spins about Hopping up onto my knees, its … More The Little Things

My Best Friend

Always there, no matter what Happy, joyful, till the end There are no words to say how much I miss you Baxter, my best friend Side by side since just a pup When I was down, you brought me up I never would have gotten through The things I did, if not for you Others … More My Best Friend

At Peace

Sitting silent, amidst the trees A place where I’m at peace to think Close my eyes, feel the breeze Nothing else is happening No need of stress, do that, plan this For worries, here; they all vanish I cast a stone to make a wish The calmness ripples, catching it I now look down, a … More At Peace