So many things there are to do A world of options for me and you Our differences, endless; you and me A truth for all humanity Our actions; things we choose to do They are the answer when we’re asked: who? Who is the person that lies inside Behind those ever piercing eyes It complicated, … More Grow


How fun it is, to take a word Transform it into things unheard The past, a coffin, the future; door Their meanings changed, through metaphor Our language flexes, its members bend Its versatility, no end And as I sit here, pen in hand Exploring language; all its land I say to all, this eve I … More Metaphor

Rap Game

Disclaimer: I actually listen to a lot of rap. It’s lyrical poetry, after all. This is just some fun I had to switch it up. Sometimes I write these lines and, think my poems are all the same Why don’t we take a minute, dip a toe into the rap game? Don’t get me wrong, … More Rap Game


Hello my friend, please dim the light A tale I have for you tonight About a man, who long ago Was hanging up the mistletoe For ‘twas December, and time for he To decorate the Christmas tree This man; a husband, a father, too His family should come first, it’s true And yet ‘twas something, … More Priorities

This Wishing Well

I stand here as I flip this coin So many things I must purloin This theft of thought is hard, you see To mine the deepest cavity   It requires darkness, black The sound of silence, naught a crack The ones who came before me know Shakespeare, Whitman, Frost, and Poe   Together we all … More This Wishing Well

The Tour

Psst, hey you! Come here, my friend To you, my hand, I shall extend Don’t be shy, come quietly This is for you, just follow me   A tour this is, with me, your guide So let us gently step inside Now take a seat, get strapped right in Prepare the mind to twirl and … More The Tour

Make it Count

Every single second Each and every single day Is a blessing given to us For us to use and play   Life is but a moment A brief wrinkle in time A canvas to be colored In or outside of the line   You see, its not a rigid path Through which all are meant … More Make it Count


Try to focus elsewhere Than the hurt that’s in my vein I’m cheating on the healing For I’m sleeping with the pain I want it gone tomorrow But tonight I need the strain It captivates, it motivates It keeps me in this lane What would I be without it? Would I be the same? Continue … More Pain