This is Cozy

Let’s take a moment and talk about the real deets Some of y’all are prolly thinking when’s he finally gonna peace Well I hate to say this but I’m actually kinda comfy here It’s really fun, it’s helped me write, and I’ve shed a couple tears The people here are just that, they’re the real … More This is Cozy

My Life

Monday, Friday Every day through the week Working, writing Never hanging with the weak Paying, my dues Those that came before me Same grind, same time Time off? Please that bores me No sir, no ma’am Sure, I talk politely At night? All night Writing, it consumes me Let’s take a break A break from … More My Life


Let me tell you ‘bout a scene I don’t wanna see Sittin’ dark ‘n cold in a room I don’t wanna be Waitin’ for the doc to come out and console me Tell me “it’s alright”, “it’ll heal”, “just an atrophy” No It wasn’t that, that was it, this was gonna be Different from the … More NO


Take a step back, just Hang on a few mins Is it really the right thing To put humans in pens? What if instead, we Gave ‘em a chance to regret Opened their eyes, wide Made ‘em look at their mess Showed ‘em the pain, and Maybe drag ‘em through dirt But after the end, … More Institutions


All that I ask, God Please make it all cease The pain is too much, Lord I need a release Sitting at home Try to battle this scene Numb myself with these shots Like a soldier on morphine I guess I should thank you If you hadn’t unsealed, see I’d still just be mindless Not … More Release

Titans of Industry

I hope the salary pleases I hope the suit’s a good fit I hope that big house makes you smile ‘Cause you sure made a racket of this Developing poison to make us feel good Exploiting weakness whatever the cost Researching drugs that just take the edge off Hooking them in and then leaving them … More Titans of Industry

Who are You?

Who do you think you are? After that bowtie, after the hair? Who is the person residing Behind all the makeup and care? What do you think? No. Rather, believe? What keeps you up at night That makes you look back, consider, or leave? The mask, the façade, the whatever It’s all just a sham, … More Who are You?