Across the Way

I spent an hour in high tower

And looked across the way

I wondered how the people now there

Think, or what they’d say

Has the King done all the things

He promised for the land?

Or are the rings of songs he sings

On him, his court, his Hand?

Are the fields, the crops they yield

Well tended under He?

Or when it’s peeled, the outer shield

Is famine what we’ll see?

Is it ever right endeavor?

Which path shall we take?

The one we’re on will soon be gone

And all is what’s at stake

Guard it well, and when you tell

Say every word aloud

When such a force sets on its course

The King will hear the crowd

There is a cost to Winter’s frost

Not always is it best

To resurrect a cause or sect

‘Tis naught a time for jest

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