The Transgender Take No One’s Talking About

Well, it’s about that time, I guess. I knew it was coming, but, like so many others, I’ve done my best to subtly brush the conversation under the carpet until it reached a tipping point. We’re gonna have to address it one of these days, much as we don’t want to. So here goes.


The first thing I want to make clear is that I support any and all personal decisions when it comes to one’s own sovereignty. I emphatically stand behind the notion that the individual should have the right to maintain full autonomy as it relates to their personal embodiment. If a female chooses to display what society would deem as “masculine” characteristics, more power to her. If a fella decides he’d rather play the “feminine” part, again, so be it. I have no qualms with this whatsoever. I believe that we should all do our own thing, and if that doesn’t spit on anyone else’s game, then who are we to judge?


This is where I’m getting crossed up. Transgenderism. Correct me if I’m wrong (honestly, like maybe I misinterpreted things), but isn’t one of the main pillars of the transgender movement grounded in the notion that male and female roles shouldn’t be so clearly defined and that we’re all equal? That despite being born a male, that doesn’t mean you have to do “male things”?

What is the solution to this? Well, apparently, if what popular culture is telling me is true, it’s to shift into the other role. To become a female. Isn’t that defeating the point, though? If you don’t like the fact that certain expectations are placed upon males and females, wouldn’t it be easier to try and change those expectations rather than changing your own physiological self? In other words, why are we trans-ing ourselves when we could instead be re-writing the rules of the entire game? Because I hate to say it, but if you start a battle with Mother Nature, she tends to come out on top, and good luck with whatever it is you’ve created for yourself down there. And you best not be mad when someone comes up on it and has a wtf moment – that’s all I’m saying.

I think the point here is that this battle is being fought on the wrong front. Rather than trying to augment our societal expectations and predispositions, we are literally transforming our bodies to fit into the societal molds that we’ve been dogmatically conditioned into pursuing.

That isn’t how it’s supposed to work. We shouldn’t change ourselves to fit the system. We should change the system to fit ourselves.

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