Haters, Explained

I’d like to take a moment to discuss the concept of “haters”. Because I believe I have figured something out that makes a lot more sense to me now than it did years ago when I just got started into writing stuff. Human beings are animals. I think we can all come to terms with … More Haters, Explained

A New World

A New World You and I know things that we sweep under carpet, here and now You and I know things are coming that will stir the idle crowd I think I needith not make mention of what worldly change I speak For all of you, if signs are true, are stronger when you’re with … More A New World

Peeping, Pulling

Peep. Pull. Tell me I should try to start writing songs They say that I could make money writing all these wrongs I don’t really think that anybody seems to understand I don’t do this to make money, I do it for the things I stand Nothing that I’ve done has been done to make … More Peeping, Pulling


I told him to sit down and wait, so I could get my shoestrings tied I told him it would be one moment until I let him outside As I look back what does he do? Decides to be a bad, bad dog I know I raised no lumberjack, but still he drops a big … More Baxident

The Lonely Dove

Look at the sky, that lonely dove It carries thoughts I’m thinking of A tied up message on its wings Aware not of the pain it brings Delivers truths that cannot hide No matter how it feels inside And though dismays the song it sings It does not know what scroll it brings There are … More The Lonely Dove

It’s Up to Us

I can’t explain the pain I feel I can’t explain the hurt He deals I can’t explain why sad has come I can’t explain what He has done So sorely do I wish to know Are we just threads that He can sew? Are we just pieces on a board? Are we unnoticed to our … More It’s Up to Us

The World is Run by Psychopaths…and They’re Too Stupid to Realize It

Alrighty. I’m going to begin this here blog entry with a disclaimer – this is probably going to sound crazy to a lot of you. Thankfully, I’ve prepared for that. So let me first begin by saying the following: People, as we all know, tend to be predictable. It isn’t exactly rocket science to spend … More The World is Run by Psychopaths…and They’re Too Stupid to Realize It

The Looking Tree

Some things are just not meant to be Even though the Looking Tree Might help us, save us, spare our time And calm us down as we unwind It is so peaceful, yes it’s so For if you wonder how it glows It gets its magic from the faith Of all who banished wicked wraith … More The Looking Tree


I do not claim to be the best I compete not with all the rest The things I write are not for fun It’s to unload this loaded gun As tensions rise, so do our acts And if you look at all the facts You’ll see that nothing ever changed That things were simply rearranged … More Checkmate

Writing Wrongs

The outcome’s not what you intended You were sincere, yet they’re offended As if your points had all been bended At the speech you gave tonight Careful now, who you’ve befriended That party, of which you attended Played their games, as they pretended They were behind you in this fight By now, for sure you’ve … More Writing Wrongs

Judas Iscariot

The pain, he couldn’t carry it His ship, he wouldn’t ferry it A grudge, he couldn’t bury it And task, he couldn’t parry it How breakable our bonds can be When held to slightest test It’s sad to lose the ones we love The time that we invest Gossip, hatred, jealousy Their grip is far … More Judas Iscariot


Roses are red Violets are blue These feels, unfamiliar And they’re all due to you They stay when you’re gone Long after you’ve left I fear I’m a victim Of some sort of thought-theft Though despite the discomfort And these feelings, so new ‘Tis the first time in forever I’ve felt that they’re true Please … More Roses

Hello, Beauty

Hello, Beauty Hello ma’am, ‘tis nice to know There’s such a beauty at this show Next to this aisle seat with me What’s that, there usher, you disagree? Please check my ticket, it says right there That this lady with such fine hair Is meant to be right at my side It’s not my making, … More Hello, Beauty