My Sacred Psalm

You want to know what stands between

The things they write, and what I mean?

Not one word have I wrote and thought

I hope this is something they bought

The words I write aren’t things to sell

They’re all just stories that I tell

Art is not a craft of number

Art is lightning, sometimes thunder

Don’t confuse these words of mine

With those who write to clock their time

I do not care for seed or sow

These pages are my mind’s chateau

They hold my thoughts and all my pleas

And bottle all my memories

If I pulled out this cork and screw

This world would not know what to do

Repent I must, this mind of mine

It torments me all of the time

Pause a moment, breathe, and calm

In this ink; my sacred psalm

Life’s True Journey

Calm yourself, come closer, near

For there’s a sound that I wish you to hear

Close your pretty eyes, love, and just try to listen in

Yes, I see you grinning to the tune of violin

Lay down the things around you

All the weight those shoulder’s bear

Step into my room, love

Shut out every single care

There is no world around us

Only you and me, tonight

And that’s how it will be, dear

Until the morning’s first daylight

Shed your inhibitions

There’s no cause for fright or fear

Relax, let go of life

Think of only what’s in here

Seize this window, as it calls

For life, it’s far too brief

It’s not about the race, you see

It’s love for every leaf

Know what truly matters, love

Put down the plate and knife

Take my hand and join me

Help me walk this path of life

Steward of the Written Word

Devices that are literary, I sent to them a day’s invite. RSVP has been unclear, I don’t know who I expect tonight. They’re your friends too, these things I write: rhythm, rhyme, and all that shite.

Maybe we’ll be joined by awe-inspiring alliteration. Always assuming at the alter if it’s allowed to join our station. All I know is if an awkward audience allowed, I’d augment such an allegation. For we all know that as a host, it’s awf’ly an’gring aggravation.

When he arrives, I’ll check the door. For I’ve been waiting, metaphor. Join us as we turn this page into a platform, poet’s stage.

Words provide my soul’s hydration, and holds it’s hands with personification .

I see the forest from the tree, for we can’t leave out simile. The branches flow like waves in sea, almost as if they’re one with me.

Two things comparing, you suppose? Don’t worry, that’s just juxtapose.

We’re here, they’re here, here’s one condition. Here’s where we find our own position, for here is our friend, repetition.

I see the future, you must know, because I’m keen with foreshadow

Confused was I with all these locks. It’s turned into a paradox.

Despite our difference, you and me, we’re both the same. What irony!

Cover your ears! Don’t let them see ya! BOOM goes onomatopoeia

Since last we met, a century. But that might be hyperbole

Okay boomer, you know so much about attire. Don’t make me laugh through my satire.

I’ll subtly say this poem is done, through this here cryptic allusion

Proverb 23:7

Thoughts race through my mind, tonight. In darkness I am cursed to write for in my realm, there’s little light. No pattern plagues this black ink pen, it only bleeds what’s held within. Every evenings dear to me, for ‘tis the only time I’m free.

Free of false facades by day, I cherish every night away. I hang the masks up on the door, I do not need them anymore. My heart belongs to silence, yet, each night I sleep with my regret.

Twisted, tattered, torn am I. I can’t stop asking what, or why. Such sorrow sweeps my tearing eye as I ask myself, “should I?”

How often I gaze back, resent, and wish for ways I might repent. I seek forgiveness not from they, it’s my own conscience I betray.

Twenty three, the chapter is, verse seven: how I choose to live. I’ve no concern for what they’ve heard, I care for only this Proverb. I ask this mirror, eye to eye, a simple question:

Who am I?

The Song of Mockingbird

The gig is up, my liege and lord

Nobody cares for gold no more

Materials no longer rule

Hoard your riches – look a fool

This is the Age of Reason, friend

For vanity became your end

You cared more for that soft, pressed shirt

Than houses made of mud, and dirt

You want to hear something that’s real?

Beware, for angry you might feel

Here’s a quick test to fit your size

Let’s see what you prioritize

Pull up your socials, hold out your hand

Peruse through Facebook; Instagram

Look at what you say and do

Do you see works? Or pics of you

There’s nothing wrong with pride, you see

We should be proud when we achieve

But when it slips to vanity

Well, you and I will disagree

Most will read this, and excuse

So many reasons we all use

Take me, for instance, in spite of wit

At times, I play the hypocrite

Do not pick these words far apart

For what I write comes from the heart

We all seek smiles, yes we do

But there’s a limit to what we do

There’s value in humility

For we’re the same, friend, you and me

Remember this, and heed this word

Don’t sing the song of Mockingbird

Brothers in Arms

You ask me, why spend life so bottled in?

Why not go out, enjoy the world?

I’ll tell you love, here, come right in

But first let me untie what’s curled

Sometimes we want to get away

Forgetting what we saw

Others, they just prance and play

Not knowing how we’ll someday fall

What year did we decide was right?

What point as freedom calls?

There is no glory in this fight

But blood will paint it’s walls

There is a silence, among men

That doesn’t speak a word

Instead they stand there, brother, friend

And nothing can be heard

It’s out there, yes, it’s out there so

If we could only reconcile

Remember us, who fought, you know

Who walked with you, all of the while

Faith, So Fickle

Someone has to light the fuse

For He has prophets He can use

Who among us will ignite

The fire we’ve begged for all night?

Burning down judgmental lies

And through the burning ash, arise

New life that now is given to

The ones who worship without “who”

For if there is a God above

There’s only one: the God of Love

There is no other School of Thought

Which brings the things that He has brought

Faith, so fickle, it can be

It’s time we all come to agree

My finger wears the same gold ring

We all look up – to the same King

Fly Away

If you saw her true interior

Past the toughened, hard exterior

Saw the sadness and the fear in her

Youd’ve never said those things

Every day she stays devout

And keeps her calm as you just shout

Of things you know nothing about

Blinded by the hate it brings

Granted taken, you have done

Oblivious that she’s the one

Who raised your daughter, and your son

As you tied the same old strings

Never knowing why or how

So holier, she was than thou

Your every sin, she did allow

While treating you like lords and kings

Ignorance is bliss, they say

But one day she’ll leave you away

She’ll see that there’s no cause to stay

And fine’ly, grow her wings

My Words

My Words

You may be good with numbers, see

But words belong to those like me

My foundry melts the “b” and “e”

To craft the words which come to be

Every letter that I write is stamped with things I think at night

These books, these poems, the short stories

I write to put my mind at ease

Trapped inside myself, I am

Doing everything I can

Wed to words and ink and pen

Knowing it’s not if, but when

The day is coming, it’s ahead

I’ve followed every path she’s led

Chasing purpose, destiny

As she walks every step with me

There are no limits, the path won’t end

This road was paved by my best friend

No match ignites a brighter fire

For pain is life’s way to inspire

Look at me, look in my eyes

Know that I won’t compromise

No loose ends, each string I’ll tie

These hands will write until I die

Future Holds What It Belongs

While you’re posting, making brands

These molds are sculpted with my hands

Faking press is fine, you see

When you don’t care for “look at me”

Having followers is great

But does the content satiate?

Or does it only serve the “you”

As influencers tend to do

So smart they seem to think they are

But when you ask them, from afar

Do you really think at night

That you have purpose, or insight?

Step in this confession booth

Look in my eyes, and tell the truth

Are you satisfied with them

Or is fake a thing you’ll condemn?

You know exactly what I mean

When you read these words on this screen

Do not pretend to play the fool

You know precisely what you do

There exists a world, out there

That means the things it says – that’s fair

You may not know it, in L.A.

But I promise it’s real, today

People living, who have a soul

And they don’t need to pay a toll

To participate in things that they

Want to have hands in, or a say

A place where people get along

Not needing asking, who among

A place where things aren’t all closed off

By those who sin and those who scoff

By hypocrites who seem to think

That I can drink, but they can’t drink

Let’s build a wall they must besiege

And force them to call me, “your Liege”

This is what you have become

Yes, Hollywood, you’re Satan’s son

Shunning that which might outlast

While faking such a righteous path

You hold power, yes it’s so

This I know that you all know

But people are all waking up

And soon – the waves will fill this cup

No Strings Attached

If you saw her true interior

Looked through all the hard exterior

Saw the sadness, sincere fear in her

You’d never say those things


You’d see the stuff that she puts up with

While you tell her to plead the fifth

Though it’s true, and not just a myth

‘Twas you who locked her rings


Kept her hidden, and defiled

When she could have been beguiled

Even stealing her one child

To sell to other Kings


Life is leverage, to these riches

Just like cauldrons, to the witches

Ingredients come not with stiches

Though attached, are “noble” strings

Is It Her Or Is It Me?

I know I’m diff’rent, I’m weird alright?

But you don’t seem to mind tonight

Just relax and listen to

The things, this eve, we’re gonna do

I’ll pick you up at half past six

Your hairs so fine the way it’s fixed

Then to dinner we shall ride, music low, you by my side

Valet parking, toss the keys

You don that blouse so elegantly

Tables waiting, just for two, my every thought consumed by you

Drinks are served, this smooth rosé

‘Tis better than their Chardonnay

Pour a glass for you and me, she looks so lovely, doesn’t she?

Skin so soft, like caramel

Where are we now? It’s hard to tell

All that I can think is her, my every other thoughts a blur

Then the server brings dessert

Sweet as her legs are in that skirt

Hands are helpless, wandering

As my mind is pondering

In the car, our date concludes

She says she needs help with her shoes

All these strings are tied about, come untie them, help me out

With a grin I do oblige

Holding hands, walking inside

Spend the evening intertwined, with this girl who’s owned my mind

Stroke her hair as sun arises

My hearts not used to surprises

But I can’t ignore chemistry, is it her? Or is it me?

Facts Are Few

Facts are few, but they just may

Be everything we talk today

Your word. His word. Her word. Theirs.

No one seems to understand the realness of current affairs

Logic is illogical when numbers mean nothing no more

All that matters is the playbook that they carry to the floor

It’s funny, right? Cause here, tonight

We’ll sit here as these drinks we pour

Watching wasteful Washington while they decide what to explore

Get it I don’t, but the message is clear

The hatred’s infectious, one direction to steer

I don’t know why they won’t let the guy just finish things he sought to do

The parchment that defined our world was written for us, me and you

I pray that some day we’ll acknowledge all the things we came here for

Living life how we’re supposed to without all the need for war

I digress, it’s hope I guess, that’s what we want in our core

But sadly battles, still un-rattled, seem to bloody this white floor


Are you real? No, are you real?

Are you the things you say you feel?

Are you the things you talk about

Or are you just another spout

Fountains flowing, they look nice, but if you shook and rolled the dice, would you be the same person if I looked once when I looked twice? Faking life yeah, it’s a vice, but let me give you some advice. Take all of these personalities and make them more concise.

No one likes to look at something they can’t make an image of. Don’t portray the things we play, just wear what fits you like a glove. If you do they’ll know you’re true and you won’t have to act above. Life is so much easier when push does not become a shove.

Words are wisdom, yes it’s true

So how does it apply to you?

I’m despising advertising, such a wicked game they play. Thinking they control the minds of people that they sell today. Money talks, we know it walks, but there’s so much else to convey. If we understood what matters they’d be worthless with no pay.

Power is given, it never is earned

Powers provided by people unlearned

You are the confidant, you are the doubt

You are the one they’re all talking about

You hold their outcome, their relevance too

They’re only significant because of you

Take back your power, take back your fight

Take back the things that you know are what’s right

Nothings accomplished with one idle hand

So come, join together, we can all make a stand

Needless Fights

Some things eclipse you or me

The ‘morrows readings, it’s decree

Determines how things shall play out

Will whispers rise into a shout?

Will this nation, finally

Succumb to same old history

Will it’s Caesar character

Be stabbed by his own senator?

Needless fighting lies ahead

And all things decent people dread

Blood thats spilt upon this Earth

Which might just puddle, or give birth

Birth to what might be or may

There is no knowing this today

I ask, to you, who reads tonight

For which side will you choose to fight?

My Snoring Lot

I know I had a chance to rise when that old man, a sign he brought

Me and Maw had read it and a job it had, it asked a lot

“Welcome to the World”, it said, “We need to build this fort we drawt”

“And any man who builds it will rise socially, he’ll know he got”


I turned to my good men, my dogs, four legs they had to give to them

They looked at me and said “We’re free! Let’s start this fort, we’ll make a gem.”

I watched as canines took four paws, hoarding hounds did not condemn

The questions I asked after did not seem to bother one of them


Why did you not continue to do all the things you said you’d do?

Seems like you just got the gig, then forgot the whole thing through

“We got the job, then saw a log, a thing that we could chomp and chew”

“So we decided, then to do, the things we always wanted to”


“We slept, we ran, we chased, we played”

“We leapt, we laughed, we snored, we stayed”

“We did the stuff we like in life”

“As you sat there holding your knife”


“All you people seem to do is ruin things you like a lot”

 Then a dog looked up at me and said “that’s all the points I’ve got”

I turned and looked at snoozing dogs, for that’s all they seem to have thought

It seems that I have raised a snoozing, lazy four-legged Snoring Lot

Life, As it’s Played

It does not matter who’s the best

Who stands so tall and beats their chest

That’s not what we are up here to

So why is that all that we do?

This play is meant to laugh, and share

And help the ones who cannot fair

For these are things that will outlast

Love not the props, but love the cast

All the actors, actresses

They’re who you hold close to chest

And for those you know are smart

They hold them closest, to their heart

No care for trophies, nor award

Life is learning, chord by chord

Look at how it’s oft portrayed

Then, just listen, to how it’s played

Truth Lies

So often we ask why they don’t heed our word

How all of the things we say can go unheard

The reason is simple, if you’ll let me speak

I’ll tell you the reason why your words are weak

The manner in which you deliver your thought

Is just as important as points that you brought

It will never matter, for humans are we

We hear what we want and your words must be free

Free of contempt, accusation, and “you”

The “you” that you want to prove your point is true

For it will not matter if deeds have been done

If you argue that way then you’ve lost ‘fore begun

I get it, I do, but see matter, it won’t

We all do these things that we say that we don’t

So next time you want to convince that you’re true

Just know it won’t work, and that truth lies in you

Dogs Have Better Game

I sleep over here, I sleep over there

You say don’t sleep where? Wait I really don’t care

I’ll cover your mouth as I sleep on your lap

So you can shutup while I take my nap

You know that you need me to keep yourself whole

So stop your complaining and fill up my bowl

Each time we go out all the girls say “Hello!”

“No not you, you weirdo, I meant this doggo”

Admit it my friend, it’s me who’s the boss

You’ve only got two legs? Well sorry – your loss

My fur feels so good, so ferociously fine

The ladies will shun you and tell you “He’s mine!”

I’ll lay and I’ll bask there, and let them pet me

As all of them say “You’re so cute, Mr B!”

Then I will look at you, smile and wink

Barking “Fill my bowl human, and make me a drink!”

Behind These Eyes

Write it down, what it may be. Just tell me what you want from me. I gave my heart, I give my soul. So why am I left with this hole?

Is this what I have fought and earned, or is it that I haven’t learned? Is this nightmare what I dreamed, this love that’s not how it all seemed?

My eyes, they’re clouded by these veils. I ask, were they just fairy tales? Stories written just to keep the tears from falling as we weep

I wish that I could just believe that love is there within my reach. So why do I continue to keep asking Him what I should do?

There’s sadness in these eyes of mine. I ask, so often, for a sign. A thing that I can hold at last – to look ahead, not at the past

I know she’d say, my mother, Liz, “She’s out there son, I know she is. She might be half a world away, or maybe you know her today.”

I cannot play this modern game, to find someone and share a name. I long for love I know won’t end. I long for love…my one true friend.