True intentions lie within But as you play the game of sin The dirty secrets start to out Revealing what you’re all about It’s happened since The dawn of time And as I write This lovely line There’s folks that think They dodge the fray But we all know They’re in the play Act 2, … More Leadership


Pain It fills my veins Evades the remedies Reaches all my extremities A life of love so temporary, I allude I opt instead for darkness, and solitude Pen and pad are all I want, they’re all I need Though I try to hide the pain, each day I grieve Search for calm and peace of … More Pyramid

My Dog, the Cat

There is but one thing that I wish That way back then, I’d bought a fish Let me explain, it wont take long: They know which species they belong My purpose for this poem, I’ve used Is just to rant, for I’m confused I could’ve sworn I bought a dog As time goes on, it … More My Dog, the Cat

Keep it Close

It’s funny really, sit back and watch At all the people, climbing notch Try to break an industry That only wants to catch, release They all want content, what they need A mind like mine, that doesn’t feed On all the bullshit, all the fake And how much money can I make This game is … More Keep it Close

The Real You

The real inside you wants to out Because you know what you’re about It’s scratching, teething, ripping in Creating so much real tension The world is wasted, the time is ours To fix these fucking scrapes and scars These people all have gone to hell It’s time we step up, fix the shell Well do … More The Real You

No I Say

You want an album? No I say Cause I don’t rap, not any day I just write, my words they say Enough for you and me today   I get it, all these things I write They make sense when you read at night This world is filled with hate and fright And reading lends … More No I Say

I Want to Die

I want to die But not because The reason that You’re thinking of See all I want Is for you hoes To like my poems And like my prose And come on guys We all admit That once you’re dead Your works legit I know, it makes My mind go numb That people are So … More I Want to Die

Without You

So long they’ve waited, wandering Watching, waiting, listening For the next one, pondering Ever are they wondering   The wait is over, never more Alas, the knock is at the door Get up and answer, I implore You’ve found your long, and lost Lenore   The time has come, turn back the clock The stories … More Without You