My Idols

My closest friends, they’re here, I know Em, and Fitz, and Frost, and Poe They do not sit and dine with me They reside in my mind, you see   We write, we wonder, work and play We converse every single day Whispers in the wind and skies The glint that’s deep inside my eyes … More My Idols


Days of old I envy, much realer all these feelings were Now it seems it’s so fast-paced that every day and night’s a blur Heartfelt talks under the stars are now boxed into tiny screens And half the time when she’s not here I can’t tell what the message means   Context comes when eyes … More Navigating

Top 10 (Word) Plays

We all know that athletes get highlight reels every week so we can see the coolest plays in a given sport in case we missed them. Well, I thought I’d show some love to the sportsmen/women of word-smithery. Anyone who’s read my work before is fully aware that I’m consumed (and possibly obsessive) over the … More Top 10 (Word) Plays

The Perfect Evening

It’s a fabulous night for a moon dance That’s what the stars shall say Twirl to my arms, they’re before you Awaiting to sweep you away Spinning in circles, directions unknown Its just you and just me on this floor Forget all the things on your conscience As tonight we both dance on the shore … More The Perfect Evening


So many things in life I see, they’re happening all around me. The love, the kids, the joy I see; they sooth my heart and set me free. The warmth I feel when I emcee is cherished oh so fervently, and even when they disagree I only smile, lovingly. Under this Umbrella Tree sits my … More Alone

The Forge

Silence sits so still inside, supplying souls so simplified, the subjects seem to mystify the saints that I’ve since satisfied.  Now that I have shed my pride I ask if doors now open wide, and though the answer is implied I fear its fake; that they all lied. There’s no direction, there’s no guide that … More The Forge


Certain things are always true Regardless of the age Ere the days when flame was new A truth has set the stage There are certain people who Enjoy a special gift Yet many take for granted, too Our ones who fuel the lift Using innovation; thought Relentless drive it seems Deeply thinking; led and fought … More Create

The Tour

Psst, hey you! Come here, my friend To you, my hand, I shall extend Don’t be shy, come quietly This is for you, just follow me   A tour this is, with me, your guide So let us gently step inside Now take a seat, get strapped right in Prepare the mind to twirl and … More The Tour


Pain It fills my veins Evades the remedies Reaches all my extremities A life of love so temporary, I allude I opt instead for darkness, and solitude Pen and pad are all I want, they’re all I need Though I try to hide the pain, each day I grieve Search for calm and peace of … More Pyramid

Tough Love

When you’re bored, don’t bitch at me Just shut your trap and write, you dweeb Don’t pout and whine and stare and blink Just grab that pen and think and think   Come up with something folks will read And sell it so your dog can feed Don’t waste your time excusing the Stops to … More Tough Love

What We Are

At night, I know, my mind has proved For that’s when all the mask’s removed We work and play, and yet we think Of all the things we want, a link   A link to all we want to be So instead we make a fantasy We dream and wish and wish and dream And … More What We Are

Don’t Wait

Oftentimes, I’ll look to see The person looking back at me Watching through a hazy lens At who that strange reflection is   Staring forward, several blinks Is he the person that he thinks? Does he do the things he speaks? Is practice coming from the preach?   My eyes still glare, this man ahead … More Don’t Wait


Hold on. Wait. What did you say? Did I hear that right, Or should you say it again? I could have sworn You’d minced up your word Cause surely I didn’t Just hear what I heard Let me say something Don’t twist this, today I say what I mean And I mean what I say … More Sincere


Let me tell you ‘bout a scene I don’t wanna see Sittin’ dark ‘n cold in a room I don’t wanna be Waitin’ for the doc to come out and console me Tell me “it’s alright”, “it’ll heal”, “just an atrophy” No It wasn’t that, that was it, this was gonna be Different from the … More NO