The Good Die Young

A man enters a lonely room, we’ll call him Mr. Bad

Another joins the other, Mr. Goodman, his comrade

They act and play and do the things that all the people do

And every time that Goodman wins folks’ love, Bad smiles too

“Sure it’s great, I do not hate, for Goodman is the best!”

But on the inside, Mr. Bad is beating on his chest

He writhes around until he’s found someone who hates Good too

And plots with them behind the scenes ‘cause that’s what people do

“Come here my dear, now tell me clear, why is it Good you hate?”

Bad asks the girl he found when he pretends they’re on a date

“He’s about him, he’s arrogant, it rubs me the wrong way!”

The words this little lady said what bothered her that day

“I know!” Said Bad, “The facts are had!

To tell you the whole truth

I hate him too, here’s what we’ll do,

we’ll end it in the booth”

And so it went, although Good meant, to only lend a hand

He died that day, I’m sad to say, on this election stand

And so it goes, as we all know, that’s how these things play out

When jealousy, toxicity, takes hold and causes doubt

So if I may, let me please say, if you’re a Mr. Bad

Take my advice: change your life, or you will wish you had.


It’s often that i see this

If truth were to be told

Despite the goal: inspire

It turns warmth to bitter cold

If ever you are struggling

If ever you are down

Remember they don’t matter

And that words can’t bring you down

For often will you hear, when

You are looking far ahead

That all your dreams are fiction

Come and fit the mold, instead

Be strong, my friend, for as we

Chase our dreams and live as one

Your calling will come one day

That it’s justified, your run

Don’t ever tell yourself “no”

It just simply can’t be done

Instead get up, get grinding

Until that day has fine’ly come

Our time on Earth has limits

It’s too short for stress and strife

Just find what makes you happy

And live your dream, this life

My Dog is Famous


Where do I even begin? I suppose a little background context is a good place to start.

So my dog, Mr Baxter, has a nasty habit of chewing his leashes. He’s pretty much the perfect pup outside of that one annoying, economically burdening trait. Most of my brainstorming for writing is done with a beer, on a dog friendly restaurant patio somewhere – so naturally he has ample opportunity to inconspicuously gnaw his way to freedom while I’m immersed in my journals and outlines. So every time he successfully liberates himself, I’m forced to buy a new leash. I’d get a metal one, but toting one of those around gets annoying and clinky.

Anyway, so the other day I left my office to grab lunch and run into PetSmart to return his latest leash. Obviously I couldn’t take him in because he wouldn’t have a leash on the way in. So I left him in the car. By the way, it was 64 degrees outside and I was only going to be gone for like two minutes. In and out.

Well as I return to my car, I’m confronted by a lovely social justice warrior taking photos of my beloved Mr Baxter in my car. So I’m like “um, what are you doing?” 

The girl then proceeds to berate me and tell me how abusive I am to my dog, and that I was lucky she didn’t bust my windows out and next time she would. So I tried my best to explain how my dog is literally like a son to me (he’s all I have), and that he probably gets better treatment than most humans. She wanted nothing to do with that. Instead, she informed me of how illegal it was for me to leave him. A comment to which I responded “well if what I just did is illegal, then that’s a stupid law.” And I may have told her she was the problem with America, but whatever. 

Anyway, I go back to work and mention my recent encounter on Facebook to get a laugh. Then, in my post thread, someone tagged a photo of my hometowns FB page where she had posted a pic of my car, license plate, and peacefully slumbering dog – telling the whole world I was a monster basically. 

Naturally, as these things always do, there was a huge outcry of differing opinions. Most were pretty reasonable thank god, stating that he looked fine. So I then commented her public post myself and explained what had happened. 

That’s when the business went down.

Suddenly an enormous surge of awesome, logical folks came to my defense. It was amazing, and I’m still speechless at how good it felt to have so many kind hearted people to have my back. 

The post has since been deleted. But now, at the behest of some of these community members, we are going to host a #vivamrbaxter event where people can bring their dogs, have fun, and get educated on the legal standpoint of this type of thing. Like when you can and cannot be a hero.

Point is, now the community has turned what could have been an overly dramatic fight into something that will raise money for animals, and everyone wins.

That, if I may say so myself, is how the world should work. 

I freaking love my city.

The Tiki Torches: 3

“Alright, everyone. This evening we have an excellent opportunity to show these people just what we mean. We’ve tolerated centuries of oppression, decades of condescension, and countless years of bigotry! I say unto you all, stand up for your rights! Stand up for your freedoms! Stand up for the God Given, inherent capabilities of existing as a human being!”


Standing tall in front of a melting pot of human beings, the mayor of the city of Perth gives an emboldened speech at the municipalitie’s town hall meeting. As a champion of all races and creeds, he has garnered the support of pretty much the entire town. Except, of course, a small minority of closed minded bigots who refuse to adapt to change.

“We will stand strong with our brothers and sisters, no matter the cost!” The mayor shouts from his podium inside the town halll. “This is but a small town, but we are a united town!” He adds, a finger shaking in the air to reiterate his point.

“We will not allow a small contingent of oppressors to light up the evening! We will stamp out the flames of injustice!” Hurrah! “We shall stop them in their tracks!” Hurrah! “We shall meet them on the battlefield of intellectual opposition, and let none leave without exposure to our light!” HURRAH!!!!

As the mayor lets the crowd’s energy die down, he holds out his arms.

“My friends.” He says. “Let us begin preparations. It’s been reported that there has been a spike in Tiki Torch sales at the Wal-Smart across town. Let’s show them that these torches shall not have been bought in vain! We shall show them the error of their ways.”


Slowly walking off his town hall stage, the mayor finally takes a moment to catch his breath.

“Great speech, sir!” One of his constituents says.

“Yeah. It was. But it was just that. A speech.” The mayor snaps back, obviously caught up in thinking about something else.

“But sir, you moved the entire town! That surely must count for something.” The constitutant says.

“Yes. They’re motivated. And for that I am grateful. But there is so much else left to do.” The mayor says.

“Come, we must prepare for the Torches.” He adds with a sly wink, clearly indicating that he has something in store for the folks riding his way.

The Other Side

Oh my freakin’ God, guys

Here we go again

Just throw the leather ball, dude

My team – it needs a win

You really aren’t oppressed, guys

And my moneys on the line 

So if you don’t deliver, then

I’m trading you next time

Leave politics to them, bro

‘Cause no one really cares

Just score and make my team win

Leave out the thoughts upstairs
Now hang on one damn second, man

You haven’t heard my side

I’ve put up with all this bullshit

For my whole entire life

I’m sick of all the judgment 

When I walk into the store

And how so many hate us

Except for when we score

I’m more than that, my brother

I’m a human, after all 

And treating me as you are 

It drives us up the wall

So please, my man, just stop it

We want all to get along

You’ll win your league, I promise

When you know that we belong

For Better or Worse (Ch 1)

“They’re so cute!”

Looking into a giant glass terrarium at her small colony of pets within, a little girl tugs on her father’s sleeve to get his attention.

“I know, dear. They’re very cute. Now get tucked in, it’s getting past your bedtime,” the father says.

“But Daddy!” The little girl begs, peering back at the many small creatures inside. “Can’t I watch them play just a little bit longer? Look! Aw, look Daddy! Those two are loving each other!”

“Come on now, little girl. You’ve stayed up late enough. Time for bed.” He says, lifting his daughter up as he hoists her into her sleeping space. 

“Okay, okay.” The girl sighs, watching her father place the wide veil over the terrarium to cover it. “See you guys tomorrow!” She shouts gleefully at her tiny creatures. 

Kissing her on the snout, the father tucks the little girl in and turns off the light.

“Good night, little munchkin. I love you.” He says, closing the door until it’s just slightly cracked.

“I love you too Daddy.” The girl replies. Waiting until her father is gone, she lifts her head and peers at the glass dome.

“I love you guys too,” she whispers, closing her eyes before slowly drifting asleep. 

Toe in the Water 

It looks so cold 

This water, bold

As evening reaches crest 

And yet I know

Aft icy blow

The warmth will be abreast 

Is it so hard?

Why do I guard?

No logic can be found 

Just jump right in

But wait! I grin 

I will! The next time round

I promise, then

I’ll dive right in

I know the shock is short

Okay, let’s go!

Hang on! Go slow

No wait, I must abort

I must prepare 

And get some air

For easy, it is not

To take the leap

It looks so steep 

One chance is all you’ve got

This life’s not long

So sing your song

Leave worry in the past

For when you’re old 

You’ll wish you’d told

Yourself to have a blast 

Don’t be the one

To miss the fun

Make every second count

As fortune faves

The bold in waves 

The risk worth all amount 

Your life is yours 

Not boring chores

This, please understand 

It starts with you

That water, blue

Don’t waste away in sand

Just take a toe

And dip it slow 

The cold will soon feel hotter 

The time is here

No more “next year”

It starts with toe in water

The Fly 

The Fly

Confusion consumes me

I know not what to do 

I just watched this small creature

To my trap it just flew 

This fly, it has fluttered 

And flittered about

So to end all the buzzing

I set flypaper out

Yet, now, as I watch it

My conscience, it sees

And begs that I wonder

What if….that was me?

It forces my gander

To truly observe

The wiggling and writhing 

Was it really deserved?

Was the noise all that bad?

Did it really distract? 

Are we just creatures ourselves?

Respect for life, do we lack?

The Real Revolution: the War We Don’t Know We’re Fighting

Its no secret that humanity is going through one of its tensest periods in our short history on this planet. Class warfare, social control, and behind the scenes manipulation has dominated the population for as long as we can look back. The individuals who had the ability to think openly, see the world as a blank canvas, and paint their own picture have consistently taken advantage of the masses who have sadly followed their directions, unable to realize the power they’ve actually held.

This historical clash seems to be coming to a head in what I can only attribute to the advent of the internet. Many of my posts have referenced this, primarily because I want people to truly realize its significance. Now, more than ever, humanity has the opportunity to openly communicate and coordinate, finally giving the silent majority a chance to come together and craft a just, accountable society.

Its vital that we understand this. It is absolutely imperative that we see how today’s hostile environment has been created by design. Racism, terrorism, radicalization – all of these things are manifested out of highly elaborate, impeccably implemented psychological maneuvers. We must realize how intelligent the powers that be truly are – as awareness is the first step in our efforts to combat them.

This unspoken war for our sovereignty has been going on for a very, very long time. Historically, those who saw the world for it is and fought against it were silenced. Consider the many who have represented the masses that were stopped before reaching their full potential: JFK, MLK, Lincoln, the list goes on. Those in control know that the most powerful instrument against them is a simple ideal. A school of thought, created by brilliant, open minds, that could change the course of history if only they could unite the masses. When those that seek to control identify these threats, they take action. Its happened over, and over, and over, and over again.

This is the fight that we have to win. Its not an election. Its not one party over the other. Its not blacks, its not whites, its not an argument over kneeling or saluting. Its the war for our humanity.

The only way we can win, is together. We can’t fight oppression if we’re too busy fighting ourselves.

Please, for the love of us all, understand this.

Labels: How They Cloud Our Judgment

President. Police officer. CEO. Pastor. Janitor. Actor. Friend. Dishonest. Generous. Lobbyists. Girl Scouts. Dog lovers. Black. White. 

All of the words you just read are used to describe individuals – or entire groups of people. Behind each of these labels lie actual people. Human beings, no different than you or I. 

I’d like for us to take just a moment and consider something. Consider how, when presented with information tied to these labels, we often formulate our opinion of the matter before we even know the full extent of the information. Here’s an excersize that should help illustrate my point. 

Think of the tone, as well as your immediate reaction, to the following sentences: 

“So I left the bar around 11:30. It was dark, and I was walking down the alley to my car when I saw this black guy start walking towards me…”

“So I left the bar around 11:30. It was dark, and I was walking down the alley to my car when I saw this pretty girl start walking towards me…”

Now I could follow up either of those statements with any scenario under the sun, but that’s not the point. My point is the harsh truth that I would guess the majority of us have a negative predisposition to statement #1, while we likely have a neutral, or even positive, predisposition to #2.

An extreme example? Possibly. But the point remains – labels are destroying the dialogue. Our tendency to label people and groups causes a massive disservice to the individuals that represent the labels. This one-sided method of thinking has created a culture where we already have our opinions made before we even give people the opportunity to prove us wrong. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not innocent of this myself. I think it’s human nature, as we all seem to have biases of one sort or another.

So frequently do we have expectations of people when we prescribe a label to them. We often forget that, as aforementioned, behind these labels lie real, flesh and blood average human beings.

The goal, in my eyes, should be awareness. If we want to change the status quo of today’s environment, we need to be aware of our biases and work to transcend them. If we can’t do this successfully, we’ll never be able to reasonably expect change, racial or otherwise.

Just a thought.

Don’t Piss Off Anonymous

I recently watched a very entertaining documentary that highlighted some of the antics of the well-known hacker group, Anonymous.

Admittedly, before I viewed it, I didn’t have a whole heck of a lot of knowledge about the group. I, probably like most of you, assumed that Anonymous was a small group of hooded kids in their parents’ basements who just so happened to be super-smart and maintain a high moral code.

How wrong I was.

Anonymous, I’ve learned, is a network of millions. Its comprised of real, everyday people who see the world we live in and want to make a difference. A positive difference.

You see, “hackers” have historically been given a bad rap. Throughout the evolution of the internet, the establishment has labeled them cultural dissidents who steal, cheat, lie, and deceive to cause chaos and promote anarchy. Reality, on the other hand, paints a very different picture. Sure, there are individuals out there that use their technical skills to exploit and take advantage of people, but they are the exception. Anonymous, you’ll learn, stands for the “people”. They have no organized structure. They have no “leaders”. What they have, however, is a networked collective with shared goals and similar values. They call out bigotry when they see it. They bow to no set of rules or regulations other than the unspoken laws of the internet. Which ultimately dictate that if you intend to take advantage of people or act immorally, plan to be put on blast.

A perfect example is their battle with Scientology, which the documentary covers in detail. The tiff was basically ignited by the hacker group’s philosophy that information and technology should be free and open. Scientology, on the contrary, has a well-known history of control and intimidation. So it started as a small joke where Anonymous poked fun at the group – sparking the infamous Tom Cruise spoof videos that you have likely seen before. Then Scientology hit back with a slew of legal maneuvers and tactics. Ultimately what started as a small poke in the ribs turned into a massive battle of ideologies. If you want to read into the details of the hilarity of this clash, a simple Google search will tell you all you need to know. Needless to say, Anonymous seems to have the upper hand.

The internet is a wonderful place. After all, without it you wouldn’t be able to read this. It let’s us communicate, share, promote, debate, etc. But just like the real world, sometimes we need a third-party authority to help make things just and fair. Anonymous, it seems, is filling those shoes. This group of mysterious keyboard warriors has risen to the ranks of internet police, and I for one intend to obey the law.

Which, as it seems, is pretty simple: don’t be a jerk and have a sense of humor. Not so hard, wouldn’t you agree?

Roots of Racism: Applying What I’ve Learned

Yesterday I posted the results of my little project to figure out why some people have negative perceptions of black culture.

That’s all well and good – but now what? What can we do now that we’re armed with this knowledge?

Being able to apply these answers to fight racism was my intention from the beginning. General common sense dictates that in order to solve any problem, we must first understand why it exists. In the context of deep-rooted racism, I now understand why it exists. Well, at least in many cases. I think we all know that there will always be those certain, stubborn people who will never change their minds. Let’s agree to forget these people. They’ll catch up later, once they realize the progress we will eventually make. And if they don’t – screw them.

So now that I know why some people foster negative views, I can make a justified argument that certain things must be addressed if we reasonably expect people to change their minds. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing we ALL need to remember is this: racism is not an exclusively one-sided issue. It would be a fundamentally flawed argument to blame 100% of the problem on other people. After all, there has to be SOME reason this problem exists – it didn’t just randomly pop up out of nowhere. There are tangible reasons that some people think this stuff, and it would be unfair to simply dismiss their reasons without consideration. We must make a concerted effort to address the things that are under our control. If we can do this successfully, those that use actual logic and reason to formulate their opinions will see the progress being made, and thus eventually experience a change of heart. Or, to put it simply: if people see that the black community is actively acknowledging the things under their control that are causing negative perceptions, people will eventually change their minds.

I’m going to use a similar format as my previous post, emboldening the general action we must take, and then elaborating below. So without further adieu, here are the steps we can start taking to change the negative public perception of black culture.


Address the rap culture thing 

I mentioned in my last post that I had a hard time arguing that girl’s point. I think this one is pretty straight-forward, and any reasonable person would probably agree that you can’t sing about banging chicks, having side bitches and sipping promethazine without expecting at least some sort of ramification.

Sure, it might be intended as fun and games, but this is a serious point that we can’t just laugh away. Kids listen to this stuff. They form their views of the world through the lenses of the people they look up to. Its pretty clear that this is a conversation that needs to get started on a wider basis if we ever expect to make racism go away.

Have, or at least create, a plan

One thing I can’t help but notice after observing all of the attempts at generating attention toward social injustice is this: what’s the plan? I think we all understand that people think its an issue. The problem, in my opinion, is that no one seems to know what to do about it. Every time I ask people what their point is (for example, the flag protest), their answer is “to create awareness”. Okay? That’s all well and good, we’ve created awareness. But now what? What’s the end game?

This is a common problem we learn about in business. Many times, we reach a point where progress isn’t being made and we’re doing work simply for the sake of doing work. In other words, we’re doing stuff, but were not actually doing stuff (if that makes sense). Creating awareness of an issue is good, but if you don’t have a plan to follow up with, your efforts are effectively stagnant. To provide an example, this very post is my version of what I’m talking about. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting down and thinking about what I can do to help sway people’s opinion. So I hit the drawing board, came up with this project, and here I am writing about it. That was my “plan”. Blindly posting and sharing things on social media with no real direction or intention isn’t doing much outside of further strengthening the already-existing opinions of people. Its not changing minds, which should be the goal. And speaking of goals…

Always keep the goal in mind

Something that I see far too often in this “battle” for social equality is how easily so many people let their egos completely ruin what could otherwise be a productive exchange of ideas. Ultimately, the goal of this entire movement should be simple: depress the existence of systemic racism. That’s what we want, right?

So when you go out in the real world and try to accomplish this goal, you have to be able to do it with a level head.You have to be constantly aware of the fact that by angering other people, you aren’t actually accomplishing anything. This is one of the general laws of interpersonal communication. You catch more flies with honey – we might not want to hear that, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

The flag protest is a perfect example. If you are one of those people kneeling, and you want to objectively consider whether or you’re making progress toward your goal of fighting racism, simply ask yourself one question: is my action helping? The reality, despite what so many people want to ignore, is that many people are being even more put off by black people when they see this. That is not the reaction we are going for. We want people to change their minds, remember? Disrespecting the flag is pissing people off, intended or not. It really is that simple. So if we actually take that into consideration, a smart person would understand this and augment their method to actually create progress toward the primary goal of changing hearts and minds. Because at this point, the flag thing has evolved into a battle of ego, and has totally deflected attention from the main goal. Its become more of a “I’m right and you’re wrong” debate rather than an actual attempt at fixing things.


These are just some of the things that are under our control. Racism, closed-mindedness, and bigotry will unfortunately always be things we have to deal with from time to time. But if we can actively acknowledge the things that we have direct control of, we can cater our actions to maximize the effect we have toward forward progress. And that’s what we should all want.





The Evolution of Intellect – Transcending our Animal Instincts

I spend a lot of time thinking about things. Some are meaningful, some are mostly irrelevant, and some I think about simply to entertain myself (generally about things most people think are stupid).

One such thing (the importance of which I am admittedly unable to decide), is how fascinating it is to consider how much human beings have evolved over the short window of time we’ve existed on this planet. Among any other species that we know of, whether existing or extinct, Homo sapiens boast the most complex evolutionary timeline. I’m not referring to solely physical evolution, either. I mean intellectual, cultural, and other forms of evolution.

Here’s something I have a difficult time wrapping my head around. At ONE point in time, at the very earliest stages of our development, human beings were quite literally, animals. We had no concept of trade, commerce, or moral standards. We simply operated on the age-old animalistic rule of survival of the fittest. The weak were taken advantage of, the strongest/smartest rose to tribal dominance, and there was an overall lack of what we would now call “decency”. It was the commonly accepted status-quo that the strongest prevailed.

As time progressed and humans developed “culture”, we began creating the “rules” and “standards” of commonly accepted ways to act. We became the first species to transcend our carnal, animal instincts. We collectively began a societal quest to persecute the oppression of others. We created governments and criminal justice systems to set consistent, uniform punishments for certain types of behavior – many behaviors of which happened to correlate with our human instinct. We started to suppress our instincts in favor of the greater good.

I like to consider this when I see and hear about “immoral” behavior. I try my best to ask myself why a given person is displaying these types of behaviors. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not justifying criminality or immorality, but this thought process has been a tremendous help in my efforts of trying to understand others’ perspectives. Why does a person steal? Why do they cheat? What makes the people at the top of society oppress others?

The answer, at least to the majority of these questions, is that those behaviors are simply their instincts as a biological organism. As I mentioned earlier – at our core, we human beings are animals. That statement might not make us feel very good, but it’s a harsh reality nonetheless.

Perhaps one of the most perplexing questions, at least for me, is this: what exactly are our basic, carnal instincts? In my attempts to answer this, I can’t think of much more than to draw parallels to other species in the animal kingdom, something of which we ourselves are members. Overall, I think some general conclusions are as follows, which I try and apply to real-world situations when I try to explain our behavior.

men are pigs.png

  • Males, in general, desire dominance and are strongly motivated by ego.

At its very foundation, I think this is a vastly governing characteristic. Many behaviors can be explained using this very simple concept. Why, for example, are men statistically more violent than women? Why do they occupy the VAST majority of powerful positions professionally, socially, and otherwise (policy-making, etc.)? It’s quite simple: our egos make us view obedience and subservience as weakness, something of which we men hate feeling. This first observation, at least seemingly, can be applied to an enormous degree of reasoning as to why the world exists in its current state.

Obviously (as it is with all of these observations) there are going to be exceptions, so please don’t be offended – as they are merely one person’s perspective. All in all, though, I think (at least hope) the majority of what I’m saying is grounded in unbiased logic and reason.

white fence.png

  • Historically, women have settled for an obedient role (likely due to the unreasonable responses men would give if challenged). Instinctually, as it is across other species, this seems to be a basic instinct (albeit a complex one). Fortunately for women today, this is trending in the opposite direction, which I think is a good thing.

In my opinion, women have played their hands well – much better than men like to think. Some would say they are master manipulators. I would argue they are simply smarter than men want to give them credit for. Women, as it seems, have a thorough grasp on observation #1 above, and have used that knowledge to engineer their actions to satisfy men’s egos in order to obtain their own goals. In other words, women know how egotistical and unreasonable men can be – so rather than fight what they know is a worthless fight (since men will refuse to give in even when logic proves them wrong…another result of ego), they instead leverage their knowledge to obtain what they want. For example, let’s say a woman in the 1950s wanted the American Dream. You know what I mean – the whole white picket fence and a solid family unit thing. Well, women then were well aware of how men wanted to control their family as if it were their property (sounds bad, but you know how we are). This is illustrated by simple language: how many times have you heard a man say “my” woman and/or “my” house, etc. (rather than “our”). So, armed with their comprehension of the male psyche, they were willing to fill the role of housewife, supporting the man and his career while raising the kids.

Today, this second observation of human instinct is beginning to change. Women are becoming more empowered than ever. The battle, while certainly not over, is definitely progressing in the right direction. After all (even though personally, I think she kind of sucks), we finally have our first female Presidential candidate. While perhaps not the best selection for such a monumental moment, she is, in fact a symbol for progress. This is a good illustration of how humanity has the cognitive ability to transcend our animal instincts.


  • As a general rule, humans tend to do what satisfies their own desires and are not inherently altruistic.

Many people will probably struggle with this one. I can understand that, since I admit this is probably a very controversial statement – as we all want to think the best of people. The harsh reality, however, is that this observation can logically apply to an enormous proportion of “immoral” behavior.

Example: ask yourself what percentage of the population has practiced infidelity. And don’t just assume that the cases you hear about are the only ones. Understand the real number: the one that includes alllllll the instances in which the assailant actually got away with it without incident or discovery. I believe you would find the statistics absolutely, mind-numbingly depressing.

So, why is this the case? Why do SO many people cheat on their partner/spouse? The answer, in my humble opinion, is simple: people are selfish. This sort of ties back in with observation #1; at least in regard to the male ego. Among most animals, the dominant male has many female partners, as this asserts his position as the alpha. In other words, he takes what he wants and any who dare get in his way are dealt with harshly. Having the ability to be with many women is a stroke to a man’s self-image of his desirability, thus, he cheats. It’s not a very complicated thing when you really sit down and think about it.

Now in regards to infidelity, the issue runs much deeper than simply ego. Obviously human beings have inherent sexual desires, thrill-seeking behaviors, etc., which all contribute to our heinous acts. In general, though, it can be explained quite easily.

The broader statement of people being inherently selfish can somewhat be illustrated by the moral standards we have had to set. If we all naturally behaved in an unselfish manner, we would have no need for these cultural “rules” to begin with. The fact that these laws, regulations, and rules exist in and of themselves back up the statement that we have to consciously try to transcend our instincts.


I could go all day with these kinds of observations. Overall, however, my point is that this is the kind of stuff I spend a lot of time thinking about. Some people probably view this as pointless. On the contrary, the tangible result of these thoughts is this: these types of introspections have vastly improved my relationships and communication skills. Over time, this thought process has helped tremendously my ability to understand the perspective of other people, which has in turn helped me respond to said perspectives. This used to not be the case, but I can now honestly say that before engaging in a debate or disagreement with someone I make a point to first ask myself: why are they doing or thinking this? It’s helped me in many respects. I’ve been able to successfully change people’s minds, as well as change my own mind (after listening to their reasoning).

Ultimately, the hard truth is that we live in a world where there are literally billions of different points of view. Our instincts can unfortunately cause us to have a lack of consideration of these differing views. At the end of the day, we have to consciously transcend our tendency to see things solely from our perspective. We have to maintain the intellectual capacity to know when we are being hard-headed, sometimes swallowing our pride to say “you’re right”.

Being wrong or misguided is not a bad thing. Rather, having the intelligence to know when we are wrong or misguided is precisely what defines us as thoughtful, well-rounded, considerate individuals. One’s inability to do this only renders them unjustly biased and stubborn – two traits of an unintellectual.

I hope one day these things become universal knowledge – because I sure think it would help us iron out the unending differences we keep seeing in the world.

The Inconvenient Truth: Racism, Sexism & Inequality

Sometimes reality is harsh.

I think we all know this. Every day we read about things going on in the world that can make one’s blood boil. Yet, despite how much we all care about fixing these things, they continue to happen.

Recently, we’ve seen the lens of our media focus on racism. Whether it’s a BLM rally, another death, or quote from the ole Reverend, racism is plastered all over our headlines.

Before reading on, I ask that you bear one thing in mind: this is reality I’m writing about here. Unfiltered, objective truth. So if you find yourself getting offended, try to consider the validity of what I’m trying to say and don’t take it personally. Because the last thing I want to do is offend. That’s never my intention.

This morning I read an article that spoke about the two hot topics I referenced in this post’s title. It mentioned Jennifer Lawrence’s passionate accusations of Hollywood that they unfairly pay men more than women. Then it mentioned that despite all the focus on race lately, Hollywood is still dominated by white males. They haven’t really budged to accommodate the complaints of the masses, resulting in a popular hash tag: #oscarsowhite. The article ended saying basically that Hollywood was a bunch of hypocrites.

Let’s take a moment and really, truly think about this. Personally, I like solving problems. One of the first things I generally do when solving a problem is to find out why it exists to begin with.

So, why does Hollywood favor white males when it comes to pay, casting, and general dealings? Well, in my humble opinion, the answer can be discerned using basic common sense: because its controlled by white males.

Now, let’s take this analogy and apply it to the bigger picture. Why do so many businesses, our government, and pretty much any massive institution favor white males?

Because they started them. Yes. White dudes created them. It really is that simple.

Let me call a quick time out to say that I hope you aren’t taking this the wrong way. I’m not saying it’s okay for these people to discriminate. What I am saying, however, is that this type of favoritism is wired into our genes. Whether we want to admit it or not, it’s a harsh truth that we favor people that resemble us. Whether that’s race, opinion, socio-economic status, it matters not. We tend to gravitate toward people who are similar to us. This isn’t exclusive to white people, mind you. After all, there’s literally a TV station dedicated to black entertainment, so I probably don’t even need to point that out.

Now that I’ve added that disclaimer, halftime is over. Game back on.

Back to my earlier point: most of our institutions are controlled by white men. So how do we overcome this prejudice and cronyism where they favor other white men?

Well, so far the only answer the media has shown us is people complaining, blocking traffic, and doing other completely counter-productive things (but that’s a whole other topic). If you ask me, the real solution is simple. We should create our own institutions. Yep. That’s right.

You see, I doubt that we, as a species, will ever truly transcend this petty characteristic of favoritism that seems to be written into our genome. So rather than spend our energy trying to change the existing status quo, we should instead use our creativity to generate a new status quo. If people are complaining because currently white males have all the power, the answer should be easy: take that power back.

That’s really the only productive way to combat institutional racism, sexism, and the like. At least in my opinion. We need to stop whining and instead get up and create, create, create. Start businesses, write books, create movie studios, do something meaningful where you have control of who gets casted or who gets to do what. Because as mad as this might make some people, the current solutions are doing nothing but creating even more racism. They might turn a head here or there, but overall it’s just not working. And that’s not good.

Its going to take a LOT of work, yes. And it won’t happen overnight. But we need to start creating our own reality.

Racism/sexism sucks. I think we pretty much all agree on that. But we really do need to take a step back and figure out the root of the problem before charging in and pointing fingers.

One last thing. If we ever DO succeed in doing this – creating a culture where white males aren’t the sole controlling demographic; I hope we put our money where our mouths are and stamp out the discrimination. Because if we don’t, that would just make us a bunch of hypocrites.

Just sayin.