Great writing can change the world. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, from philosophies to constitutions. Knowing this, I try to maintain a constant awareness when it comes to writing. Looking for things that influence me in one way or the other.

I watched a movie today that had an effect. I’m not particularly sure what kind of effect it was, but it was there nonetheless. The movie is called Conspiracy, and tells the tale of the Wannsee Conference. If you’re not a history buff, the Wannsee Conference was the meeting of masterminds behind the German holocaust during WWII. It was the meeting where they decided on their “Final Solution” to the “Jew” problem.

The movie itself was produced by HBO, and the entire plot consists of the 15 member open-table conversation, which is based off of the sole surviving “minutes” document that recorded the meeting. Interested in history or not, I strongly recommend  watching this simply to experience the harsh realities of global elites.

Now, there is a very important message that I would like to convey with this post. The movie, if you have the time to watch, brilliantly illustrates the brutalness and depravity of which the human condition is capable. By simply listening to these actors portray what was a very real event, we begin to understand how far the reaches of human degradation really can go.

This is something I think we all need to call a timeout on. Because think about it: there was a time in our (very recent) history where people actually agreed to KILL OFF AN ENTIRE RACE. It’s easy to look back today and say “well those guys were crazy back then.” But you know what? Back in 1942, they probably said the same thing about people who accepted the Jews. Somehow, some way, these people created a perception and reality where they had convinced the population to turn a blind eye to the extermination of SIX TO ELEVEN MILLION PEOPLE.

6 to 11 Million human beings. Let’s put that in perspective. I live in Nashville, TN. A beautiful, wonderful, friendly town. A town where sometimes I get frustrated because it seems so packed with implants and growth that it makes me want to pull my hair out (the traffic sucks).

Our census puts the entire city’s population at 1.8 million if greater Nashville is included.

That’s a lot of people. And the holocaust ended a number of lives that is equivalent to my ENTIRE city, by threefold. And that’s only if we assume the lowest number. Otherwise were looking at around 6 Nashville’s being helplessly killed.

I want people to understand these things. I want them to realize how important it is to keep the powers that be in check. Because this world, as it exists today, is not a place that we should proud of.

Modern Philosophy

I’ve been thinking.

This morning I was reading (The Prince by Machiavelli) and something occurred to me. Philosophers are perhaps the most important individuals in human society.

I know that a really broad statement, since technically anyone can be a “philosopher” if they have their own unique view of the world. Still though, look back at history and consider the types of people who truly made a mark.

Usually we think of revolutionaries, right? Which can be loosely associated as philosophers, since their campaigns are grounded in creating a new system. We remember those who came along and reshaped how the world functions or how people think. People like Che Guevara, Mahatma Ghandi, Moses, the Founding Fathers, and so on.

I often find myself asking how these people achieved the monumental things that they did. How does someone become SO great that their name literally lives on for centuries?

I think the answer is easy. It’s conviction. A willingness to change something no matter the cost. And it consumes them completely.

Don’t you wonder what goes through he heads of people like this? What they think, how they think, and why they think it? History’s greatest disrupters are the people who quite literally care nothing about the current status quo because their only focus is on what they think is right. They don’t conform to society. They look at the world as a blank piece of canvas and they relentlessly paint the picture that they believe in.

That’s what the world needs. We’ve outgrown the tribal/geographic mindset. Humanity really needs to start recognizing that we need to cooperate as a species if we expect to be around for awhile. We need someone who can unite people and actually show them that we’re all human. Because once we do that, we can start focusing on advancing as a species. Space, healthcare, and so on. Could you imagine that? If the entire world began working together to solve the big picture problems. I can’t even fathom what we could accomplish.

Hopefully one day we’ll realize what actually matters. We sure could use a modern age philosopher to shake things up.