The Tour

Psst, hey you! Come here, my friend To you, my hand, I shall extend Don’t be shy, come quietly This is for you, just follow me   A tour this is, with me, your guide So let us gently step inside Now take a seat, get strapped right in Prepare the mind to twirl and … More The Tour


True intentions lie within But as you play the game of sin The dirty secrets start to out Revealing what you’re all about It’s happened since The dawn of time And as I write This lovely line There’s folks that think They dodge the fray But we all know They’re in the play Act 2, … More Leadership


Pain It fills my veins Evades the remedies Reaches all my extremities A life of love so temporary, I allude I opt instead for darkness, and solitude Pen and pad are all I want, they’re all I need Though I try to hide the pain, each day I grieve Search for calm and peace of … More Pyramid

What We Are

At night, I know, my mind has proved For that’s when all the mask’s removed We work and play, and yet we think Of all the things we want, a link   A link to all we want to be So instead we make a fantasy We dream and wish and wish and dream And … More What We Are

Don’t Wait

Oftentimes, I’ll look to see The person looking back at me Watching through a hazy lens At who that strange reflection is   Staring forward, several blinks Is he the person that he thinks? Does he do the things he speaks? Is practice coming from the preach?   My eyes still glare, this man ahead … More Don’t Wait


Hold on. Wait. What did you say? Did I hear that right, Or should you say it again? I could have sworn You’d minced up your word Cause surely I didn’t Just hear what I heard Let me say something Don’t twist this, today I say what I mean And I mean what I say … More Sincere


Let me tell you ‘bout a scene I don’t wanna see Sittin’ dark ‘n cold in a room I don’t wanna be Waitin’ for the doc to come out and console me Tell me “it’s alright”, “it’ll heal”, “just an atrophy” No It wasn’t that, that was it, this was gonna be Different from the … More NO


All that I ask, God Please make it all cease The pain is too much, Lord I need a release Sitting at home Try to battle this scene Numb myself with these shots Like a soldier on morphine I guess I should thank you If you hadn’t unsealed, see I’d still just be mindless Not … More Release

Titans of Industry

I hope the salary pleases I hope the suit’s a good fit I hope that big house makes you smile ‘Cause you sure made a racket of this Developing poison to make us feel good Exploiting weakness whatever the cost Researching drugs that just take the edge off Hooking them in and then leaving them … More Titans of Industry

Who are You?

Who do you think you are? After that bowtie, after the hair? Who is the person residing Behind all the makeup and care? What do you think? No. Rather, believe? What keeps you up at night That makes you look back, consider, or leave? The mask, the façade, the whatever It’s all just a sham, … More Who are You?


It’s often that i see this If truth were to be told Despite the goal: inspire It turns warmth to bitter cold If ever you are struggling If ever you are down Remember they don’t matter And that words can’t bring you down For often will you hear, when You are looking far ahead That … More Forward

The Tiki Torches: 3

“Alright, everyone. This evening we have an excellent opportunity to show these people just what we mean. We’ve tolerated centuries of oppression, decades of condescension, and countless years of bigotry! I say unto you all, stand up for your rights! Stand up for your freedoms! Stand up for the God Given, inherent capabilities of existing … More The Tiki Torches: 3

The Writers Group

There exists a place  In fabled lore Where writers race Both rich and poor  Some ask for tips Some say hello With wine-filled sips True colors show Some fight a lot They bitch and moan More oft’ than not They’re sad, alone And in this land The fun, I sing Is throwing sand And arguing  … More The Writers Group

How I Write

The hours late I close the gate My shutters, clasp and lock   I ring the bell Fill my inkwell And glance, toward the clock   An evening chill It greets my quill As letters join, to words   The only sound Which can be found Is chirping, of the birds   My thoughts now … More How I Write

Normal? I’m Not

Where my favorite people at? You folks know who I mean Calling weirdos, punks and nerds The strange, shy and obscene Come, together we shall join Embrace what others say Then smack their smugly normie face When they judge us for hearsay I say let ’em talk, don’t you? Let them follow all their “laws” … More Normal? I’m Not

Cultural Evolution

Traveled around, we used to abound  Till one day learned how to farm A fire was sparked, and then one remarks  Hey guys, come under my arm We fell for this slight, believed his birthright Succumbed to his law and decree Till fine’ly we fought, and freedom we bought With our blood. Now none bend … More Cultural Evolution

The Con of Cons

To give a little context, below is a reflection of my experience (as a volunteer) at the first Game of Thrones conference ever held. Working the Con provided a pretty good view of how things went administratively. I daresay the vast majority of the weekend was a massive success, but there was (understandably) a slight … More The Con of Cons