Episode 3: Institutional Reform (Part 1)

For episode 3, Johnny and Matt sit down with Virginia Corbitt, who gives insight into our education system as it was in the 1970s as opposed to the system we have today.

Will Burkitt, who contributed to Episode 1 on Purpose, rejoins as the discussion continues on to institutions such as education, criminal justice, media, government, and organized religion.

As institutional reform is such a deep and important issue, episode 3 of the show is split into two hour-long segments. … More Episode 3: Institutional Reform (Part 1)

Episode 1: Purpose & Passion

To kick off the cast, we chat with Greg Billinger and Will Burkitt. Greg, a 29 year old entrepreneur, has a good idea of where he wants his life to head. Will (23) is currently figuring it out. I hope you enjoy the show!

Please excuse the quality of this first upload; we recorded it with just an iPhone. We now have professional audio equipment, so moving forward we’ll sound much better. … More Episode 1: Purpose & Passion