The One: Entry 2

It’s weird for me to be telling this story. I just want to be upfront about that before we get too much further into this little journey you and I are about to go on. Sometimes I wonder why it’s so hard to talk about this stuff when I’m face to face with people, but … More The One: Entry 2

The One: First Entry

Can we be honest with ourselves for a moment? I want to talk about some things. Things like Facebook. Twitter. Instagram, perhaps. Hell, even Tinder…anything that lets people advertise who they are (or at least who they want to be) without having to concern themselves with the real world. Yeah, I know. It’s not easy … More The One: First Entry

My New World

The other day I went out and bought this big ass terrarium. At first I wanted something else, like a ferret, or salt aquarium. But I ended up changing my mind. Something about that enormous, transparent habitat just appealed to me. Not sure why. Anyway, I took it home, set it down, walked away and … More My New World

Keep it Close

It’s funny really, sit back and watch At all the people, climbing notch Try to break an industry That only wants to catch, release They all want content, what they need A mind like mine, that doesn’t feed On all the bullshit, all the fake And how much money can I make This game is … More Keep it Close

The Real You

The real inside you wants to out Because you know what you’re about It’s scratching, teething, ripping in Creating so much real tension The world is wasted, the time is ours To fix these fucking scrapes and scars These people all have gone to hell It’s time we step up, fix the shell Well do … More The Real You

No, B!

Why does he just stare at me As I’m driving, silently Watching oh so creepily Licking chops so hungrily Does he think of eating me? Does he want his bowl to be Filled with water, does he see How his gaze drives me crazy? I must breathe, I think I’m free Surely he is not … More No, B!


In my chamber, losing sleep Rocking, thinking, silently Watching broadcasts quietly Observe this world, so violently I wonder if the day will be When people live, peacefully Shedding war, with treaty No longer loving fearfully It all could change, if only we Would be the change we want to see We must admit, reluctantly To … More Together


What things go through your head When you lay down and no one is there? When you know that no one is listening Is it a dream, or perhaps a nightmare? Do you think of the rest of the world And how we’re all stuck in a cell? Or maybe those shoes you’ve been wanting … More You

To You, Mom

I’m so close, Mom I can feel it I’ve kept my post, Mom Done what I said I’d do It’s all about to take off, Mom Please, stay on board with me Your soul has been my compass, Mom It’s the only thing that’s driving me Everything ahead is ‘cause of you And the thing … More To You, Mom


Whatchu mean you don’t wanna say please? You better take a step back and consider your priorities Whatchu want more? Change or the argument? Number one, please. Number two, cause dissent. People won’t change unless you give em what they wanna hear I don’t care if you don’t like that, that’s the way it is, … More Priorities

This is Cozy

Let’s take a moment and talk about the real deets Some of y’all are prolly thinking when’s he finally gonna peace Well I hate to say this but I’m actually kinda comfy here It’s really fun, it’s helped me write, and I’ve shed a couple tears The people here are just that, they’re the real … More This is Cozy

Family Ties

It’s times such as these When you want to say please What more can I do? What else will appease? All you want is a pat Maybe “Hey, way to go” Or “I’m proud of you, son” “It’s hard work, that I know” But none of it fits Beyond all my wits I can’t do … More Family Ties

The Other Side

Oh my freakin’ God, guys Here we go again Just throw the leather ball, dude My team – it needs a win You really aren’t oppressed, guys And my moneys on the line  So if you don’t deliver, then I’m trading you next time Leave politics to them, bro ‘Cause no one really cares Just … More The Other Side


Frustrating, it is To retreat to the hole As you narrowly focus On your one, divine goal A life you desire Yet you know you can’t grasp As attentions diverted  The white fence, it won’t last And how hard can it be When to God, you enlist  When you tormentingly believe  That He might not … More Become