Top 10 (Word) Plays

We all know that athletes get highlight reels every week so we can see the coolest plays in a given sport in case we missed them. Well, I thought I’d show some love to the sportsmen/women of word-smithery. Anyone who’s read my work before is fully aware that I’m consumed (and possibly obsessive) over the … More Top 10 (Word) Plays


I don’t like to think about the things they think they know Cause they won’t ever know about the things I like to think Perhaps my methods madness, you might be right. So? Patience is a virtue; can someone hold my drink? 3 years ago I sacrificed my one true life to words Now as … More Plans

Lighten TF Up

I’m on a lifelong mission, I’d be remiss not to admit But every now and then I say enough of all this shit Why don’t I let my fixed hair down and pour myself a drink? You know what? Let me take that back. I’ll pour several, I think   Tonight I shall forget the … More Lighten TF Up

The Answer: 2

Thought. It is such a curious concept. It exists behind everything. Every single action, every single behavior, every single thing we do is motivated by thought, whether conscious or not. Breathing, for example. Do you think every time you take a breath? I think not. And yet you do it. I am having difficulty compartmentalizing … More The Answer: 2


The world is torn, its seams are frayed They say they’ve wished them well and prayed So many hold opinions, strong But words are where they stop, its wrong   For if the ones who claim to care Are genuine, then where’s their fare? What costs have they all taken on? Outside of tweets, or … More Torn

The Apex

Tell me what things I’ll see when I pull back the layers What’s up in the attic while they play house down the stairs? What person are you, when there’s no one around? What things do you think when no one else can be found? Your face, it is beauty, untainted and quaint Yet what … More The Apex


Things we think we know are true The life we live, both me and you So often isn’t candid truth I say to this confession booth What rules are right? What rules are wrong? What lyrics tell A moral song? These questions, see, exist to ask Just what, in life, is our great task? To … More Conscience


Today a message came to me From one who reads my poetry The sender asked just how I write And how my ideas come to light He wanted help for what Block had caused Asked “How come your content’s never paused?” Tonight, my friend, I’ll heed your call And tell you how I break that … More Concept

This Wishing Well

Standing here, I flip this coin My oft stray dreams now fine’ly join The thieves of thought think hard, you see And mine the deepest cavity Requiring midnight’s darkness; black The sound of silence, naught a crack The ones who came before me know Shakespeare, Whitman, Frost, and Poe Together who all see this world … More This Wishing Well

The Tour

Psst, hey you! Come here, my friend To you, my hand, I shall extend Don’t be shy, come quietly This is for you, just follow me   A tour this is, with me, your guide So let us gently step inside Now take a seat, get strapped right in Prepare the mind to twirl and … More The Tour

Make it Count

Every single second Each and every single day Is a blessing given to us For us to use and play   Life is but a moment A brief wrinkle in time A canvas to be colored In or outside of the line   You see, its not a rigid path Through which all are meant … More Make it Count


Try to focus elsewhere Than the hurt that’s in my vein I’m cheating on the healing For I’m sleeping with the pain I want it gone tomorrow But tonight I need the strain It captivates, it motivates It keeps me in this lane What would I be without it? Would I be the same? Continue … More Pain