It’s one of those things that we all need to get by. Whether it’s just getting through the day or some impossible feat we’re trying to accomplish, we need the proper motivation to fuel our efforts for any endeavor.

These past few months I’ve been doing a lot of research  into what makes massively successful people so successful, and after reading through tons of stories I’ve discovered a common denominator among all of them. They all have their own paths, but there’s one thing present every single time.

They don’t give up. It might sound like a cliche, but it really is that simple. And they don’t view the world as one filled with obstacles. They view it as one filled with opportunities. It’s almost as if their entire perception of the world is totally different from that of the average person’s. Everything that happens to them, whether it’s a direct result of their actions or not, is taken as a positive experience. Good or bad. They don’t make excuses, and they don’t get discouraged.

I read through loads of stories. Eminem climbing his way to the top of rap. Tiger Woods out working every person he’s ever come across. UFC’s Conor McGregor and his relentless assault on the fighting industry. It’s always the same thing. They KNOW they’re going to make it, and they simply don’t give up.

I think what got me on this topic was receiving one of my first responses from the agents I queried. It was a no, but it was a polite no.

“Dear Mr. Shao:

Thanks so much for sending along the sample pages of Continuity. I’m sorry to say, though, that I just wasn’t as completely drawn in by the material as much as I had hoped. What with my reservations, I better bow out.

Thanks so much for contacting me, though! I really appreciate it, and wish you the best of luck!”

I know these agents are taking huge risks on new authors, so understandably they’re super reserved when it comes to who they take on. So I didn’t take it personally. But my point is that reading the stories I referenced above is really helping me chug along. Not to mention that the people I queried are the top agents in the country…so I know I should expect the rejections. I mean these are the people that represent the big shots after all. To be honest, just getting a reply from them is kind of cool the way I see it.

But that’s the sort of mentality I’m trying to maintain. I know that if I keep trying, eventually I’ll find someone who will recognize the passion I have and lend a hand.

I have Mom to thank for filling the motivation tank (unintended rhyme there). Every time I think about getting down on myself, I think of her – and immediately I’m encouraged. It’s such a powerful motivation to have her behind me. I’m so thankful that she believed in me, because that’s the only thing that keeps me believing in myself.

Anyway, I’m not sure what the point was to this blog. I think more than anything it’s that if you want something badly enough, don’t give up. Ever. Anyone on this planet is capable of anything if they try hard enough. I really do believe that.

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