President Obama

Before you read this, please understand that I’m not an “anti-Obama” person. I’m a vehement advocate for anyone who displays leadership qualities and genuinely cares for humanity. Considering that, don’t interpret this as ignorant rhetoric aimed at hating on someone for no reason other than the fact that he’s Obama. On the contrary, I think he’s received quite a bit of unjust criticism over the years given the state of affairs when he came into office. I also think he’s one of the most charismatic and well spoken presidents we’ve ever had (although many would argue that this is why he can be so potent).

With that disclaimer out of the way, I decided to write this after a LOT of consideration – because I’m fully aware that most people interpret things as biased if it doesn’t correlate with their view(s). This is a problem in and  of itself, because if one doesn’t agree with another, their points are usually viewed as invalid or uninformed. But that’s a topic for another day (and more of a psychological issue than anything).

I’ll try to be as delicate as I can. For me to reach a point where I would publicly say this directly indicates the magnitude of the problem. If you’ve read any of my blogs, you know that I try to stay away from criticizing specific individuals. I generally write broadly without naming names.

I won’t get into politics or numbers, because it varies depending on who you ask. Some people say the president has done a great job and the numbers prove it, while others say he’s done a terrible job and the numbers prove it. So instead I’m going to focus on the intangible measurements of the president’s leadership.

The issue we face is simple. Our president is supposed to lead in a way that brings people together. This, unfortunately, is not the case. America is more divided than ever – at least in the eyes of my young generation.

He should promote unity, not division. Sure, many of today’s issues are admittedly impossible to handle without upsetting someone, but president Obama has done a terrible job of at least attempting to empathize with his critics. I’ll use the most recent example since it’s such a hot topic.

As you probably know, Obama held a press conference recently during which he ridiculed those that want to halt the acceptance of Syrian refugees. Rather than acknowledging their concern and respectfully disagreeing, he instead undermined them by basically calling them cowards (paraphrasing).

This is not a good example of effective leadership. If Obama wants to continue accepting refugees, fine. While we may not agree with that, we can at least understand why he stands where he stands (he says we shouldn’t turn away those in need). But at least acknowledge and appreciate the fact that more than half of your country disagrees. Don’t belittle them. That’s an awful way to manage a country, and a terrible way to treat the very people you’re supposed to represent.

If anyone reading this is still a supporter of Obama, know that I respect your views. I don’t view things as absolute in many cases, as there is always a shade of gray with most scenarios. But this man needs to be more respectful of his critics. That’s the simple truth. Our egos are almost always our own biggest enemies, and this is certainly the case we are seeing with the president. Empathy can go a long way, and it’s time he understands that.

Hopefully the world will start changing directions sooner rather than later. Because the way it looks now, we’re about to inherit quite a mess.

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