A Presidential Speech

My mother always told me that no one should be written off. She ALWAYS gave people the benefit of the doubt (sometimes too much so). This “soft” demeanor definitely rubbed off on me, and certainly applies to how I view the President. Surely he had the right intentions, right? I mean no one would want to put America in such a state of disarray as we’re seeing today.

So in the spirit of redemption, I’ve written a speech for the POTUS that might sway people to give him a break. After all, POTUS ain’t an easy job!

My fellow Americans,

First, please accept my sincere gratitude for the opportunity you’ve granted me to lead this great nation. The responsibility you’ve bestowed upon me is an honor without equal, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Second, I offer my apologies. While I assure you that they were made with the best of intentions, I admit that I have made decisions which have resulted in your disapproval. Please understand that with this position comes great responsibility, and oftentimes hard choices must be made. Having said that, there have been times where better judgment could have been asserted, and for that I ask your forgiveness.

My presidency has provided America a symbol that any person, no matter their race, creed, or gender, may rise to the top in this great nation of ours. Having been the first African American president, we took a monumental step in the right direction – the direction that promotes humanity as a collective unit. Because this country was founded upon values that declare all men and women are created equal, and are thus deserving of equal opportunity.

Let me be clear. When I took office, I promised change. I promised to lift the working class, to make life better for the middle class, and end the divisive rhetoric that was tearing this country apart. I regret to say that this goal has not been accomplished by my administration. Today, we see that our nation is afflicted by conflicts of both race and religion. Its possible that our nation has never been more divided than it is today.

This must end. My only desire is to reconcile my relationship with you, my fellow Americans. It is your dreams, goals, and lives, that are at the forefront of my mind. Above all else, I aim to provide an environment that promotes positive energy and endless opportunity for any that chase the American Dream. A land that induces true freedom and liberty, where the values and beliefs of one are never undermined by the values and beliefs of another. A land that is tolerant of difference, and promotes only the values which benefit humanity.

We are blessed to occupy this great nation. Things must change, and I am committed to the aforementioned ideals. As your commander in chief, I will be relentless in the pursuit of the goals set before us. We will achieve equality. We will achieve prosperity. And we will achieve continuity. This nation, based upon fairness and equality, will last until our dying days.

The final year of my administration will be committed to securing the safety of our homeland and the creation of a fair economy, where innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship are awarded. Not the manipulation of commerce or financial instruments.

I thank you again for your constituency.

And May God Bless the United States of America.

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