The Quran – Continued

So to be fair, I think its advisable to shed some light on the good parts of Islam. Because there are plenty, and as I mentioned before, I’m trying my hardest to not be biased.

Today I read more of the holy book. And there was a passage that was somewhat encouraging that basically states that if you kill an innocent person, you are essentially killing ALL innocent persons. So just like other holy books, this one has a mixed message and can obviously be interpreted in a wide variety of ways. The aforementioned point is one that promotes benevolence and toleration, something that I didn’t see yesterday in my limited time reading. Pretty much, it seems like there are justifications for anyone to do anything when it comes to holy books, if you take the teachings out of context. Which is what everyone apparently seems to do.

I hope people are trying to read up on this, because this is an important topic and the times we’re living in are historic. Years from now people will look back and talk about what caused the killings of all these people. Why were they massacred? Well, this is why. We need to brush up on our knowledge banks if we’re going to continue the social media commentary.

Which actually brings me to another point. If you haven’t read the Quran, or the Bible, or whatever – that sort of removes you from the dialogue. I know that probably sounds mean, but honestly if you haven’t read and tried to understand someone’s perspectives, then you don’t really have the intellectual backup to contribute to the issue. So before you decide to comment on this, I suggest you read it. Otherwise your opinions are somewhat moot (no offense, sort of).

All in all, I hope this whole killing thing can come to an end at some point, because its getting way out of hand. I think a lot of it has to do with a general sense of hatred that the Eastern world holds toward America. Which, to be perfectly honest, is probably warranted. We have, in fact, invaded their land and stripped them of a lot of resources. And we’ve drone striked them to oblivion (a topic I’ve written about before). Maybe its time to try and reason with them. Because more and more violence clearly isn’t working.

If we stop killing you, will you stop killing us? Please?

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