Shifting Focus

I can’t wait until this election is over.

This election season has produced some super strong opinions, I think we can all agree on that. On the Democrat side we’ve got people screaming about gun control, bathrooms, and so on. On the Republican side there are others shouting about the second amendment, immigration, and the like.

All are reasonable issues to be concerned about, I’ll admit. But where is the love? Honestly. Why do we continue to fight and try to undermine each other? That’s not how we move forward. We don’t progress by bashing the views and opinions of other people. We don’t grow as a society by calling people names, labeling them, and telling them they’re wrong. That just doesn’t work. All that does is create more hate.

We are living in a time where there are fundamental concerns being raised by a lot of people. The right to do X, or to stop this or that, and so on. We can’t decide what’s right and what’s wrong. This country is in serious need of someone who can step in, make people take a time out, and truly talk and reflect on what exactly needs to be addressed. Because the way its going right now is a pissing contest of who’s opinion trumps who’s opinion (pun not intended). And that’s not the kind of world we should be living in.

I think we need to take a step back, come up for air, and actually (calmly) figure out what is wrong with our society today. It shouldn’t be as hard as we’re making it. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot here. Shed the egos, shed the need to be right, and objectively look at what is going on. Then make a decision based upon what information we have. That’s how things should be handled. Not through these complicated  sit-ins and filibusters and childish constructs we’ve created for ourselves. Let’s be adults here – there’s a world that needs to be fixed.





One thought on “Shifting Focus

  1. We had decent delegates on both sides. They got moved out due to: Not Jazzy enough, couldn’t beat the opposing side (like there should be a side); not enough money, etc. My horse left the race. (not that I wanted said horse, but it was the only one out of the buffoons available).


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