My Next Book

Despite the fact that I’m still rigorously working on Continuity, I can’t get this other idea out of my head. So I’ve decided to start on my next project, which is going to be a solo book titled Currency (I’m an advocate of open idea-sharing, so I don’t mind putting this out there). The plot is going to have three arches: the first will deal with the inception of trading/currency, the second will be a plot covering the Federal Reserve and its evolution, and the third will be a future-scenario where society finds a way to eradicate the need for fiat money.

Its in the baby stages right now, but I’m going to paste an excerpt below of the beginning to give an idea of how it will read. I think I’m going to stick to a first person POV, because I think that will be a challenge for me as an author. Plus I’d like to get some experience writing in different POVs/styles so I can diversify my portfolio.

To provide context: imagine yourself in an environment where the concept of “trading” and “money” literally don’t exist. You are a hunter-gatherer. You immediately consume what you need to survive, and that’s it. This first story arch will attempt to tell a fictional version of how the very first trade ever occurred.



It’s happened again.

Barbado continues to approach our village, offering his goats to us. He seems to think that the goats are worthy to replace our swine. I fear he will come with the others soon, wielding spears to take our stock by force. Giving him our swine for the goats, he says, is the only way to prevent this. He calls it a “trade”.

The elders are familiar with Barbado’s village. It isn’t far from ours. They have told us that his attempts will weaken our supply of livestock. They say the meat from our swine is necessary to feed the village. Yet I cannot help but wonder if his proposal is worth considering. The hunting season is coming to a close, and it has been a fruitful one. We have amassed more livestock than we will likely need for the winter, and the elders plan to use the surplus for breeding. I find it difficult to understand their assertion that Barbado’s proposal is ill advised. Surely the extra swine can be spared, as they are our most plentiful stock. Our goat supply is lacking, after all. Our women continually comment on the low supply of milk being produced for the young ones.

I find myself asking why we must safeguard our swine so closely if we can replace them with goats? Barbado’s idea is different, surely, yet it seems to help both of us. Our village can use his goats to produce the milk we need, and his people would surely benefit from the meat of our swine.

I am convinced that our elders’ judgment is clouded. I must confront them on Barbado’s behalf, and obtain the things we need for the coming winter.


So that’s the very first piece of what will probably end up being a pretty long story. Similar to Continuity, it will be a fictional tale grounded in reality. A hypothetical to get people thinking (hopefully).

That said, I should get back to writing. So much to do  O_0


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