This Terrifying World

So for our new podcast (check it out!), I’m ending each episode with a poem that pertains to each topic we discuss. For tonight’s recording, we’re going to talk about terrorism and the many ways people view it, as well as a historical account of how its evolved. Below is the poem for Episode 4: An Open Discussion About Terrorism.


This Terrifying World

Chaos, madness, this deafening place

When quality of life is sadly debased

Around any corner lie those that await

Who wish only harm, that death is your fate

Perhaps for a God, an ideal, or revenge

Perhaps for their loved ones, the dead they avenge

I fear that this terror shall oft persevere

Until the day dawns when we all lend an ear

A time when the world sets pause to the hate

Where perspective arises, and opens the gate

The gate of our minds, our thoughts and our views

When people become people…our difference diffused

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