A Whole New World

A Whole New World

What was life like when the first person said “hey look here”

What was life like for the first person who thought to steer

All those people, all those tribes, living as they did before

Never had they thought that someone would invent the rich and poor

“Come here friends”, I bet they said

“Come see what I have made for you”

“Look at all these fancy trinkets”

“You’ll have them if obey, you do”

So it was, and just because, the smart outsmarted all of them

Crafting an entire world of slavery and dominion

Don’t be fooled, I say to you

Your participation’s their lifeblood

And if you ever realized that

You’d recast all this world to mud

Yes it’s true, you hold the glue

This world is shaped by all of us

If you reclaimed these hidden reigns

We’d finally have a world to trust

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