My First Experience With “The System”

This is going to be a very candid recount of my experience within the criminal “justice” system, so prepare yourselves for some extremely fucked up, harsh truths.

The night I was arrested for fighting with my father was quite literally the worst night of my entire life. Not in terms of what you and I consider normal circumstances, I’m talking about the actual animalistic treatment I received. First, of all, the officer, Deputy Douchebag or whatever his name was, could not have cared less about what I told him. I tried so hard to explain why I did what I did (which I’m fully aware does not absolve me of my transgression), but this guy had no regard whatsoever as to the story behind the story. That was my first inclination that this was a completely broken system. He just really, really didn’t care.

On a side note, I need to mention this. When I was in that cell, I was absolutely freezing. I was wearing a tee-shirt, shorts, and sandals (which they’d confiscated, leaving me barefoot). You know what I did? I had the audacity to ask for a blanket, because I was going to be in there for 12 hours. Guess what the lovely county officer told me?

“I’ve got nothing for you.”

He literally looked me in the eye, no emotion whatsoever, and said “I’ve got nothing for you”. So I said alright, and took my place in the corner of that cold cell, and tried to fall asleep. Well, that was a terrible idea, because the freaking lights were bright af and I’m already a terrible sleeper with a hyperactive mind. After awhile, it began to get somewhat intolerable. I asked the guard again when they did a check in if I could have a blanket, and again was told no as if I was a freaking circus animal. I’m telling you…this mfer did not care AT ALL about how I felt.

After awhile, they had me come out and go through all of the protocol type things. Fingerprints, mug shot, etc. I tried, again, to tell the people there what had happened. No one cared.

Part of the conditions of my release were that I cannot, under any circumstances, have any contact with my father until this is settled. The court date of which is March 9th. An absurdly long amount of time to wait to settle these affairs, as anyone, ever, I’m sure would agree. Well guess what? The issues that led up to this event are very deeply rooted familial things. Issues, which as I’m sure any sane person would understand, that no random stranger has any business interfering with. So let’s ask a very real question here.

What if I’m tired of hating this man? What if, after almost six years following the death of the one women who’s ever understood me, I want to finally try and make amends? Should this formality exist to prevent me from doing so, even if both parties are more than willing to participate? Who even IS this “judge” who somehow has the ability to tell me what I am and am not allowed to do, when it comes to family matters that they clearly don’t have any understanding of?

These are the problems with our institutions, folks. We pretend to act like we all know what we’re doing, when in reality we’re all just flying by the seat of our pants. Our Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves if they saw the circumstances we’ve placed ourselves into. We have literally turned into the precise thing we revolted from in the first place.

A tyrannical society obsessed with controlling people. That’s what we’ve become. No wonder Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, and the countless others have become what we’re seeing on the news.

We deserve it.

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