“Come see me,” said the mother

To the daughter, on the phone

“I will,” the daughter told the mother

“It’s just the timings off, you know?”

Two weeks later, ‘twas a man

A drunkard in his car

He hit the mother, going ninety

With the daughter still afar

A final image met Mom’s eye

Trapped helpless in the crash

A photograph invited tears

It was Daughter, on the dash

Deep depression notched it’s arrow

Striking Daughter in the heart

Gone was Mom, ne’er returning

The family, torn apart

Three years later, sadness swept

The daughter had withdrawn

But then one day her friend said “Hey,”

“Life’s been off – let’s turn it on”

Daughter used to dream of travel

Seeing sights out in the world

But Pain’s grip was tight and won the fight

“I will later,” said the girl

Naught weeks had passed for this poor lass

And in the shower, nonetheless

Her whole world came crashing down

By what she felt upon her chest

“I’m so sorry,” said the doctor

“I fear we’ve caught it far too late”

Daughter sat in silence sobbing

Knowing Death had set its date

See, Death does not sit idly by

He will always find a way

Do not ever say “Tomorrow”

When your chance exists, today

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