You Sexy Thing

Its been a minute since I’ve written a thought piece. And by a minute, I mean more like probably over a year. That’s okay though, because we all know that life is a collection of strange happenings which generally have no explanation whatsoever insofar as timing, appropriateness, and/or reasoning. So who cares? Point is, you … More You Sexy Thing

Less is More

There’s gotta be a reason for these sayings to be said sometimesTyping all these stereos, there’s context behind every lineWe joke that nice guys finish last yet struggle with believing itBut our subconscious can’t be fooled, it says don’t be so full of shit It matters not if we admit, but every mind is filled … More Less is More


Come and help me hang this mast I’m moving out this house of glass I’m setting sail, here hold this nail To hammer out all my past No one is the someone that they knew themselves as yesterday People know that people grow and change the things they used to say Life is learned and … More Hindsight

Hard to Say

What is this new sensation that has taken hold of me? Never has it been so hard to say the things I mean It’s so confusing feeling all this vulnerability I hate it so but you should know you’ve set my caged heart free These chains locking the old me are something now I know … More Hard to Say

On the Eve: 10

Queen Jocasta – Sovereign Ruler of the West Lies. They plague our souls, causing us to act in ways of which we never believed ourselves capable. Yet we often cling to these falsities; desiring the reality we’ve fabricated over the painful truth that is life. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Perhaps there is some validity … More On the Eve: 10

On the Eve: 8

Antony – Commander of Queen Jocasta’s Army I am conflicted. Queen Jocasta has recalled our armies to Clarmont. All of them. Each and every weary, exhausted regiment is to report to this tiny speck of a village in an attempt to regroup and finish what we began. My conflict stems not from my duty to … More On the Eve: 8

On the Eve: 4

Favian, Royal Record-Keeper & Historian of the East The West shall never comprehend the world the way we Easterners do. What ire could have possibly made Jocasta think she could overtake us? The East and West have co-existed, as agreed, for twelve winters now. Why is she suddenly afflicted with the desire to destroy? I … More On the Eve: 4

The Revolt Returns: 8

“Hey, what was the name of that new girl again? You know, the brown haired Lenghornian with the exquisite…personality?” Back in Spam’s newly reconstructed Tower of Management, Will the Wolf ponders the assets of a Lenghornian newcomer with Chilian manservent, Quesadilla. “I know not, my Lord.” Quesadilla replies. “I am but a lowly Chilian. Our … More The Revolt Returns: 8

A Friend’s Proposal

Love. Is there a better feeling? I think not. We all long for that warm, fuzzy sensation that we get from having someone reciprocate compassion and affection. Its a funny thing, love. It has countless definitions and interpretations. Its helped forge empires and destroy civilizations. Love and affection are what sets us apart from the … More A Friend’s Proposal

MVCs – What is the Most Valuable Characteristic You Look For?

When I was a child, I never would have thought this way – but after studying economics and corporate strategy in college, I learned that (as odd it it might sound) there are actual methods of “quantifying” human beings. That’s right –  legitimate methods exist which essentially break a person’s personality, monetary worth, and other … More MVCs – What is the Most Valuable Characteristic You Look For?

Your Life, as a Book

There have been a lot of things in the past few years that have significantly impacted my life. Like, big things. Moving back to Nashville from West Virginia was one. Deciding to pursue writing was another. Breakups. Mom passing, obviously, was yet another. As I look back, all of these things have resulted in substantial … More Your Life, as a Book


There’s a very particular reason my dog is the featured image of this post: he’s never, ever let me down. Being let down is probably one of the worst feelings in the human condition. There’s just something about it that cuts deep into our psyche when someone we thought was in our corner turns their … More Loyalty