Less is More

There’s gotta be a reason for these sayings to be said sometimes
Typing all these stereos, there’s context behind every line
We joke that nice guys finish last yet struggle with believing it
But our subconscious can’t be fooled, it says don’t be so full of shit

It matters not if we admit, but every mind is filled with shelves
Containing facts that we all lie, and sadly most are to ourselves
Truth is truth no matter what, it couldn’t care less what you think
Try to go to war with it and every ship you send will sink

Facts frustrate the finest men, inconvenient thorns they are
For actions force aside our words, shining bright as the North Star
Facts will tell you that the nice, they tend to trail behind the naught
Do the right thing then get left, but cheat and win if you’re not caught

Perhaps these words are green to some, and yes they’re jaded I admit
But say I’m wrong and we can talk, as Evidence says “sure, prove it”
I know exhausting these things are, don’t roll your eyes and I’ll digress
Ending with these wise old words, if you want more, then just do less

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