All Fears Forgotten

Hello lovely lady, whats with that long face?

What stresses your mind that is troubling the place?

I’m sorry to hear it, trust I understand

So much in this life tries to stop what we’ve planned

Step into my arms and let’s dry off those tears

I’ll call my friend Karma, scare away all your fears

Then talk to another, their names Irony

We’ll all get together and help you, you’ll see

For those that are kind, the gorgeous like you

They don’t deserve heartache, just love and cheer too

So stay on my shoulder as long as you please

And when you feel better we’ll walk through these trees

Hand holding hand, we’ll forget all of this

If we have each other, naught’s left there to miss

So smile, my love, for your beauty still shines

Let’s walk now and free you, from stressful confines

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