An Honest Plea

I want to do an exercise. An exercise on open-mindedness, and whether or not our species is capable of un-conditioning their minds from the dogmatic stranglehold that “society” has upon them. So here goes. Picture yourself sitting in a chair in your living room. You’re there all by yourself, with nothing whatsoever to do. No … More An Honest Plea

Try to Understand

People’s minds vary. That very simple fact is the reason I am writing this post. As a scribbler, I try my best to be as aware as I can to the fact that the human brain is a vastly complex organ within an even more vastly complex organism. We all perceive and interpret things based … More Try to Understand

Vice Versa

Everybody thinks they’re smartest They do so much or work the hardest What if someone told you, nay That we all carry equal weight? I do not care anymore I’ll find what I am looking for Rising till I reach their floor Laugh at the lock then break the door It’s not a thing that … More Vice Versa

My Calling

I look up to the sky and ask “please tell me, where’s my Father at?” The only thing he gave me was His judgment and a baseball bat Looking back, it hurts so much that all I do is shake my head Take a sip to numb the pain and write things in an empty … More My Calling

The Answer: 1

I fear I’ll never know why they did the things that they did. Yet, counter-intuitively, this is the very question that lies at the bottom of every single shred of truth I find in my quest to understand these things called humans. Why? Why did they do what they did? This rudimentary, fundamental question has … More The Answer: 1

Titans of Industry

I hope the salary pleases I hope the suit’s a good fit I hope that big house makes you smile ‘Cause you sure made a racket of this Developing poison to make us feel good Exploiting weakness whatever the cost Researching drugs that just take the edge off Hooking them in and then leaving them … More Titans of Industry


So I’ve decided to dip into poetry, since it’s such an appropriate outlet for expression. Not to mention some of the greatest writers ever were poets (hashtagrolemodels). Reflections It’s not a dying art Unless we let it be Why forget the ways of old Of paint and poetry Our friends can give us comfort When … More Poetry 


In my quest to promote my book, I have to keep something in mind. There was one very specific reason as to why I wrote it. My original goal was to build my mom a library. After speaking with the city manager of the town which I’m from, I learned that our local library was … More Purpose