Titans of Industry

I hope the salary pleases

I hope the suit’s a good fit

I hope that big house makes you smile

‘Cause you sure made a racket of this

Developing poison to make us feel good

Exploiting weakness whatever the cost

Researching drugs that just take the edge off

Hooking them in and then leaving them lost?

Go on, count your money

Get on that corporate flight

How the hell can you live like that?

How do you even sleep at night?

This is no joke, suit

This question is real

My own Mom smoked her whole life

From I guess all the stress Dad would deal

I watched and observed through my whole life

How it hooked her and gripped her all day

The smoke would stain my clothes, and

There was always a relapse at bay

Is that what you dreamt of when little?

To be a big leader of biz?

To make all this money supplying

These things that make orphans of kids?

Sure, we all make our choices

That, I’ll willingly concede

But look at that reflection in the bathroom

Is that what you wanted to see?

Think about it. No, really

Actually think

Take another look in that mirror

And then look down to the sink

Raise that gaze up again

Are your eyes all teary and pink?

If they aren’t, then I’m sorry

No reprieve, Elizabeth

These people are empty, a coffin

For all they’re creating is death.

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