Save Yourself

Always write the thinks you think on something that’s protected, please ‘Cause you don’t want to end up like the guy who’s in this story, see There was once this lonely man who never gave up anything All he’d do was write and write, lines in plays and lines to sing When he’d do this … More Save Yourself

Say I Won’t

We’re people you see, we do what we want Impossible isn’t a word If one day they all say that it just can’t be done We’ll just laugh and say “go join the herd” No time do we have for the ones who push back No time do we have, no we don’t No time … More Say I Won’t

The Lannister

Hello dear you love me yes, I hear your heart, it’s thirst Come close to me but let me see, some things I must say first This is that which I would think I prob’ly need to mention You’ll see my pen is out of ink but I still draw attention A lion isn’t lonely … More The Lannister


Wanderlust, traveler, perhaps even gypsy So many labels they’ve applied, but in reality Living life is all she wants, it’s really that simple Her spirit shines through both her smile, and her cute cheek dimple Life is meant for living, yes, a thing she truly gets Singing, dancing, spinning round, she loves without regrets Always … More Wanderlust


A never-ending story is what all of this appears to be This book of life we write together seems to me a tragedy The prologue speaks of hope and faith, introducing you and me Act One of Three disguises the forthcoming, sad reality   Characters, they come and go, most are just supporting cast Center … More Pages


I don’t like to think about the things they think they know Cause they won’t ever know about the things I like to think Perhaps my methods madness, you might be right. So? Patience is a virtue; can someone hold my drink? 3 years ago I sacrificed my one true life to words Now as … More Plans


After all the hurt and pain I’ve seen, I realize things aren’t what they seem Life is one unconscious stream, to most a nightmare; some a dream I like to say I think things through but don’t know if I really do Can’t comprehend the things He knew and yet I keep on trying to … More Trust.

Corner Creeps

So here I am with headphones on Observing dudes put on their con A business mixer, seems to be And HA! You must be kidding me I wish you folks could join and sit To watch how fucking full of shit All these try-hards seem to me Who sadly, I too used to be Thank … More Corner Creeps

My Release

Consumed by this confusion nothing works the way I think it should Checked out of this world the day she passed now I’m misunderstood Look back at the lies and the deception of my childhood Human law’s all that’s between the things I can and things I would   People say to shed the hate … More My Release

My Calling

I look up to the sky and ask “please tell me, where’s my Father at?” The only thing he gave me was His judgment and a baseball bat Looking back, it hurts so much that all I do is shake my head Take a sip to numb the pain and write things in an empty … More My Calling


Come sit for a moment, just lend me your ear. I want to be honest, no matter how I appear. The things that I say may not at first be so clear, but as you continue to read they should soon seem sincere. I’ll put this quite simply; my words are austere. The things on … More UNITY

The Creep

It puts the lotion on its skin Or else it gets the hose again “What a minute, why’d you stop?” “My hairs so matted, it’s a mop!” “Turn the water on again” “I’m not done bathing, creepy friend” Hold on, what? I thought that I – “Shut up, dude! It’s time to dry” “Now turn … More The Creep

Make Believe

Why does it seem like I’m treading on ice? It could all come crashing down yet the feeling’s so nice Each time I come back is another relapse The high is so great but just ends in collapse   The pain isn’t caused by the places you’ve been The pain that’s the worst is the … More Make Believe

Piece of Mind

Come close, softly whisper all the secrets in your mind What’s buried in its darkest depths, shrouded and confined? Until the veil is lifted and what’s hidden is exposed No one knows just who you are; the truth is undisclosed   So many fail to understand, refuse to comprehend Ignoring harsh reality for a world … More Piece of Mind

Lighten TF Up

I’m on a lifelong mission, I’d be remiss not to admit But every now and then I say enough of all this shit Why don’t I let my fixed hair down and pour myself a drink? You know what? Let me take that back. I’ll pour several, I think   Tonight I shall forget the … More Lighten TF Up

The Why Behind

Why do people do all of the things that people do? I fear that there’s a very simple way to get the truth Just think about it. This isn’t a joke; I mean it A person’s actions show you that very person’s characteristics So let’s put that into context, shall we? As a human I … More The Why Behind