The Future Holds What, You Know?

Trapped inside a metaphor, this prison cell without a door. A mind that locks away these things without concern for what it brings. Pain, regret, future and past. I knew these things would never last. I knew they’d eat at me each day, as all these things seem to decay.

There is no solace, you know that, right? There is no peace you’ll find tonight. There is no place that you can go to lose yourself and your shadow.

It will follow everywhere. All you can do is try to bear – bear the burden you have built, for if we’re real, and own our guilt? We will come to terms inside. And that is when our soul can fly.

Fly away from things we’ve done, for we have made amends, my son. We have done the things they’ve asked, and now we focus on our task.

So much matters, roads ahead. So much beauty, there’s unsaid. Focus now, the task is ours. Let us invest in all our powers.

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