It relieves to think things out

How everybody gained their clout

Well maybe not all of the crowd

Just all the ones that they allowed

Buying likes like it’s a game

Admit it love, you’re all the same

You act and you pretend to care

But there is nothing ‘side of there

You are empty, you are a shell

A hollow, hallowed, heated Hell

You want to talk about what’s real?

Let me tell you how I feel

You stand for nothing but a thumb

And when someone tells you you’re dumb

You act as if the world has end

Calling, texting, your “best friend”

Well listen here, my little deer

You put yourself inside of here

You asked for all the world to spiel

So don’t be mad when they are real

Toughen up, little doe

We all get feedback we don’t want

And if it were up to me, you know?

I’d change the hell out of that font

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