The Pettysburg Address

FOUR SCORE! And seven years ago 

Hoover was the mover but there was Roosevelt, you know

They were cool and strings were pulled

Making a United States

They had their fun and once ‘twas done

They decided all your caps and rates

Then they locked you into things they promised they could own up, right?

Only to find out that there was no ribbon to ground that kite   

Sinking you into a glue that does not fade or go away

Holding out their hand and asking “where’s my money due today?”

That’s it, you see

‘Tween you and me

The industry’s a monstrous scam

Unless you find someone who’s kind and thinks the way I think I am

Do not let, do not sell

Don’t do any of these things

Unless you’re working with a person who knows all of the hoops and rings

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