Save Yourself

Always write the thinks you think on something that’s protected, please

‘Cause you don’t want to end up like the guy who’s in this story, see

There was once this lonely man who never gave up anything

All he’d do was write and write, lines in plays and lines to sing

When he’d do this thing he loved, writing and all things it brought

He would save his work on hard drives, this was old, or so he thought

Yes yes yes, Writing Wednesdays, he was so fond of this time

He used Wednesdays as his anchor, saving work and saving dime

“It’s the cloud!” He’d cry aloud, “These things can save everything!”

They save my work better than jerks who try to melt wedding rings

“Yes, okay!” The masses say, this cloud sounds like it knows its place

“Yes” he’d quote, “Saves what you wrote”, with it wipe off worried face

So he did, this poor ole kid, the cloud ate up his everything

Then he lost his work, his life, his safeties and his wedding ring

So if you have work that’s writing and you need to stay alive

Don’t do what this lad did please – buy yourself a small thumb drive

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